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Autumn 1 2016

Week Beginning 12.09.16
Picture 1
Photo taken by Aimee, Isobel, Madeleine, Enya and Kerem.
Picture 1

We have been learning about Emily Gravett and her books.


I liked making a poster with flaps. I added flaps because Emily Gravett does have flaps and has letters in her books.

Madeleine Year 3. 


I liked the book Dogs.

Enya Year 2.


I liked Little Mouse's Big  Book of  Fears because it is funny.

Isobel Year 2.


I liked reading Monkey and Me.

Aimee Year 2.


I liked Meerkat Mail at the end when the Meerkats were chasing the jackal.

Kerem Year 2.

This week in maths we have been counting forwards and backwards in steps of  1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

We have made prayer stones and written prayers. 

We used an atlas to find where countries, continents and oceans were. We found all the places Sunny the Meerkat visited in the book 'Meerkat Mail'.

In PE with Mr Lewis we have been playing a game called Video Game and in gymnastics we have been travelling in different ways and moving smoothly in and out of balances. We have also been playing the Space Game.


Lots of children got their 10 Dojos this week. We get points for being responsible, for having compassion, working hard and joining in. We also get them for doing our homework and getting all our spellings  correct.

Week beginning 19.9.16

All photographs and words by Chloe, Lewis and Katie S.




We retold the story of 'Meerkat Mail' in our own words. We worked in talking partners and drew pictures and wrote a sentence together to tell the story.



We all get to take it in turns to take Ali the Meerkat home over the weekend and write in his diary what we did with him, we also take pictures with our lovely cuddly friend.

We have been learning about Emily Gravett and and deserts where meerkats live so we made a disply of lots of animals and her books.


In maths we have been looking at partitioning and ordering numbers.  In Geography we packed our suitcases thinking about if we went to hot or cold places what we would pack. In French we have been learning French colours and numbers with Mrs Bates and we learnt songs to go with the colours and numbers.


I liked reading the Tiger and the Jackal to everyone in Class 2.

 Year 2


I like that we earned golden time.

Lewis Year 2


In  class 2  I like getting 10 Dojos and getting a gold star.

Chloe Year 3


I liked music and using the crocodile's mouth to show more than and less than.

Katie S


Words and pictures by Austin, Matty, Liam, Eden and Jessica.




This week in art we made African masks, Australian dotty pictures and African sunset pictures. We used paint and crayons to make the masks. We used dotty tools and paint to make the Australian pictures. To make the sunset pictures we had to use water to make the paper wet and then we painted the background all over. We waited for it to dry and then put black paper to make animals.




We have been putting up displays. These are of our leaf rubbings and our Emily Gravett posters.



Each week someone gets star writer and star mathematician.


I like Class 2 because my friends are there.

Eden Year 3


I'm happy that my friend is star writer.

Jessica Year 3


I liked when we did our art because I like art.

Matty Year 3


I like working in our Talking Partners because it makes it easier when we talk about things.

Liam Year 3


I enjoy having Golden Time. To get Golden Time we have to work sensibly and listen to the teachers.

Austin Year 2

7th October 2016

All words and pictures by Daniel, Henry, William H, Livie and 



This week was our science week. We were finding out about gravity by dropping a shoe  and a ball of paper to see which will fall to the ground first. We had to make a prediction and we were surprised to find out that they both hit the ground at the same time! We also learned about Darwin and we went on a bug hunt and drew them really closely.  We collected information about our eye colour and put the data into a graph.




We looked at where Sunny had been and described him. We have been making our own stories based on Meerkat Mail. We have painted settings and written postcards.

We enjoyed the parents coming in to see us working and also the Blue Cross helped us learn about being responsible for our pets.


I liked the Blue Cross lady coming in to teach us.

Daniel Year 2


I enjoyed the science.

William H Year 2


I enjoyed making the bar chart in science.

 Year 3


I like going to collective worship and seeing all my friends.

Livie Year 3


I like earning my Dojos and getting up to 10 and getting a big gold star.

Henry Year 3

Week beginning 10.10.16

Words and pictures by Alex, George, Lila, Ruby


We have been looking at the creation of the world. First we went outside and searched for the colours of the rainbow and looked at how beautiful the world was. We used double sided tape to stick the colours we found onto pallets. 

We then read the Creation Story and retold it in our own words and pictures working with our talking partners.


This is our creation story. Do you think it is colourful?

After that we thought about the question 'how can we look after others and why does it matter?'. We wrote letters to God telling him what we like about the world.


In English we have been learning about instructions. We looked at bossy verbs, time connectives and the features of good instructions. We followed instructions to draw a dog.

Here are our dogs.Do you like them?


In maths we were looking at addition and subtraction and how they are related. During assemblies we looked at how we can be responsible for others in the world and thinking of ways we could help Haiti.


I liked drawing the doggy from the instructions because it's a story and it is good to remember.

George Year 3


I like writing commands in English because I like writing and following instructions.

Alex Year 3


I have enjoyed learning new things that I don't know about. I also like learning science.

Lila Year 2


R.E. is the best!

Ruby Year 3


I liked making the palletes because it was nice that we could go out and find all the different colours.

Year 2

Week beginning 17.10.16


All photos and words by Daisy, Iko, Kelsey and William



We have put up our art display which has our masks, African animals and dotty pictures.




We learned how to draw a lion with a story. We really enjoyed creating them.



We finished our stories based on Meerkat Mail. We painted pictures in watercolours, made postcards and designed the front cover using the computers. Do you like our pictures?


This week we had new visitor. A local Imam came to see us and showed us things we hadn't seen before and told us about his religion and his young daughter. 

We also went over to the church to do our Harvest Service. Class 2 sang 'Beautiful World'. It was lovely!


I loved singing 'Beautiful World' in the church because it was talking about God's Creation.

Iko Year 3


I loved bringing in food for the Harvest to help the people who don't have any food.

William Year 2


I liked when we got to make our own Meerkat Mail book so then we can show our families what we do.

Kelsey Year 3


I liked listening to the Imam and seeing what an Imam does.

Daisy Year 2


What a fantastic half term we've had in Class 2. We are all so proud of how the children have settled in and worked so hard!

They have all showed how responsible they are and we are all looking forward to working with all the children next half term.

We would also like to thank all the parents and carers for their support this half term.


Keep checking back for regular updates!


Miss Furlong, Mrs Danby, Miss Curnock and Mrs Ellis.