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Autumn 1 2017

Class 2 is awesome!


We have had a brilliant first week and have enjoyed learning maths, English, RE, art and PE. We also earned Golden Time and it was the best!


Come back next week to see what we've been up to!

Week beginning 15.9.2017


Words and photographs by Lila, Joshua, Samantha and Kerem.



Here are all the faces in Class 2! We drew them ourselves using pencil crayon. We also wrote an acrostic poem that has our name in it.



In English and guided reading we have been looking at the book Cave Baby.We have enjoyed the book because it is funny.




We like reading because we move up levels and we get information from books.



We are looking foward to going on our trip next week to Bishop's Wood and start our topic of Stone Age to Iron Age.


In maths we have been partitioning numbers and looking at which was the biggest number. In RE we have been learning about Noah and the promies that God gave him and he sent a rainbow in the sky. We have been practicing to start our letters from the line in handwriting. In art we coloured in shells and made a peacock rainbow and we did finger painting and made a colourful flower. In PE we have been learning football skills and how we can tackle and pass.


My favourite thing about this week was when we did art because I just liked what we did.

Lila Year 3


I like maths because we had different groups and I learned lots.

Samantha Year 2


I am looking forward to going on our trip because we get to be Stone Age people!

Kerem Year 3


I am looking foward to going on a school trip because I will learn a lot about cave men and I like learning about history!

Joshua Year 2


Week beginning 18.9.17

Words by Daisy, William G, William H and Oli


This week we went to Bishops Wood.



We looked at a model of a house that was made by Stone Age Man.

After that we went outside and we made a sledge to carry all our stuff to make a shelter.





We worked together to try and make a shelter to keep us dry. Stone Age people moved around a lot to help them survive in nature. They did this because the food they hunted would have run away or got killed if they stayed too long.



Back in the room we drew a picture with charcoal, clay and chalk because that is what Cave Men would have used to draw. We also drew pictures of the Cave Men and shelters and the animals. In Class 2 we have hung up the big drawing of what we think it was like in the Stone Age.



After lunch we went through the passage of time, not as far back just to the Bronze Age this time! We did a lot of activities. We hunted, we gathered, we made fires, we made fishing nets, we weaved fences, we made paint and we made flour!!






We had the best time ever!!!


My favourite bit was trying to hit the animals (made out of wood) with a stick we used as a spear.

William G Year 3


I liked making the fire by making a spark because it was really fun.

Daisy Year 3


My favourite part was having lunch because I was hungry and going hunting!

Oli Year 2


I liked doing the hunter gathering because me and Lewis caught two woolly mammoths and a tiger!

William H Year 3


Week beginning 2.10.2017

Words and photographs are by Daniel, Aimee, Lucy and Katie


We had lots of lovely visitors to school this week. Mufti Faheem and Venerable Manapo came to see us and talk about their faiths.


Manapo told us about Buddhism. He  told us he didn't have any money and doesn't believe in God.


Mufti Faheem came to talk to us about being a Muslim and gave us lots of gifts! He gave us a prayer mat, a hat, prayer beads and a book holder.




In art we have created cave art. We used spray paint (paint in a spray bottle) to make the handprints and we used sandpaper to make the picture of a cave man with animals and a spear! We enjoyed that very much.




In science we have been learning about rocks and what soil is made out of. We carried out experiments wrote down what we found out. We have work in our books about that. We enjoyed finding out about where rocks come from and looking at different types of rock.


I liked everything because it was so amazing!

Katie Year 2


I liked when we got the soil because there was a worm in it! Mrs Danby got a spoon and scooped it out!

Aimee Year 3


My favourite was the art because I liked drawing rocks and it was really fun trying to copy them.

Lucy Year 2


I enjoyed watching the mud and seeing what happened to it when we left it overnight. I also enjoyed seeing the Mufti and the amazing presents he gave us.

Daniel Year 3

Week beginning 9.10.17


Words and photos by Enya, Tyler, and Year 3



DT was very fun because we were making Stone Age houses out of packing material. We designed out shape on a sheet and then we copied it. We used 15 packing pieces and one glue stick. It was both easy and hard because sometimes it didn't work! We are looking forward to painting our houses and making them better.



All week we have been working very hard on our recounts. We planned it, we wrote it and we edited it. We are now working on it for display.



This week in Collective Worship we had a visitor from Caring Hands. She talked 

about harvest.


My favourite thing was when Di came in from Caring Hands because she was talking about why we needed to give food.

Year 3


My favourite thing was the recount - it was so awesome because we went to Bishops Wood and it is going to be up on Display.

Tyler Year 2


I liked going to the Church for Open the Book because they told a story about Jesus at a party. 

Year 3


I liked when we went over to Church to do Open the Book because it was a birthday and Jesus said you should let anyone to your parties.

Enya Year 3



Week beginning 16.10.17

Words and pictures by Lewis, Isobel, Pippa and Alfie.


It was a busy, busy, busy week. 




First hurricane Ophelia changed the colour of the sun. It blew sand from the Sahara Desert and the sun turned orange and it went really dark. We went outside to look at it and thought it was very weird!


Then Thursday was a very busy day. We started with our Harvest Festival where Class 2 read poems that we had written. After that it was the Wild West lunch which was very, very, very good. 


Next we had Rufus he did rock music with us. It was cool.



There was drums, keyboard, guitar and singers. We sang We Will Rock You!


This is Dan looking cool!!


Finally it was the school Disco!! We all loved it. There was great music, people selling tattoos, sweets and glow sticks!


My favourite part was the rock concert because it was very fun and I liked the music.

Pippa Year 2


My favourite part was the school disco because you could buy loads of toys and I liked the songs and I was start of the week!

Lewis Year 3


My favourite thing was the school disco because it was so amazing.

Isobel Year 3


My favourite thing was when Rufus taught us to clap to the song.

Alfie Year 2