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Autumn 1 2021

Here are some quotes from children in Class 2 about their learning in Autumn 1. Scroll down to see what we have been getting up to.


My best bit was moving up 2 books levels and making the maze in PE because it was fun. I liked researching dinosaurs because it is interesting. I learned that dinosaurs lived about 200 million years ago!

Theo Year 3


I like PE and writing because I like sport because it has running and it keeps me fit. My best writing was about the Night Gardener and writing about how the boy feels about the trees and how the colours in the book come back. The colours are bringing back happiness.

Fred Year 2


I've enjoyed learning about the dinosaurs because they are one of my favourite subjects in history. I've learned to use the books about dinosaurs to find out facts. I also liked the drama in English because it is fun and I can use my imagination.

Eleanor Year 3


The best thing in this class is when we learn English because we learn how to do poetry and poetry is hard and we learn lots of new words. I didn't understand poetry before at my old school but I understand it now. I also like RE because it is where we learn about God's family and we learn about what God does for us. I have always wanted to go in a church and I didn't have a church at my old school but I really liked going into church. 

Sofia Year 2


I've enjoyed learning my times tables because it is quite hard and I like things that are hard because it gives me a challenge. I've enjoyed learning how to join my handwriting and I've got better at it over the weeks. I am proud of myself.

Harry Year 2


I've enjoyed learning stuff that I don't know about. I thought I couldn't write properly but I can do it now because the teachers help me. I love PE games because I can play with other people I don't really play with at playtimes. It has taught me that everyone can play with anyone.

Daisy Year 3

Wow well we've been working so hard already and Mrs C is very proud of us! We have been looking at place value in maths and here are some photos of the Year 2s using apparatus to show different ways of making the same number.


We have now moved on to looking at placing numbers on a number line and also finding what each digit is worth. We have also been thinking about different ways we can partition numbers.


In year 3 we have also been looking at place value and concentrating on placing numbers on numberlines as well as partitioning in different ways.

In English we have been looking at a wonderful book called Tyrannosaurus Drip. We have written some amazing sentences describing Duckbill Dinosaurs, T-Rexes and how Tyrannosaurus Drip is feeling.


We have also had some experience days as well as all that writing. We learned about different dinosaurs and then we explored our reflections and how they changed when we looked into water. We all loved looking at ourselves and thought it was funny when the water moved. We drew self-portraits of what we looked like in our watery reflection! This will help us when we write our independent piece.


These pictures are of us working together to research different dinosaurs.

These pictures show us exploring our reflections in mirrors and water and then some of our watery self portraits.

As the weather was so nice the other day we went outside for our PE lesson. At the end of it the children asked to set up an obstacle course and Mrs C and Mrs Walsh were amazed at what they produced! Even Mrs Price came and had a go!

In science we are studying rocks and soils and have looked at volcanoes, looked closely at rocks and started to think about how fossils are formed. Here are some pictures of us looking at, classifying and describing different types of rock.

We have some class pets in Class 2! Aqua Dragons! These amazing little creatures were around at the time of the dinosaurs and their eggs do not hatch until they are in water. We put them in water and a few days later we can see tiny little creatures swimming around. We have to feed them every other day and make sure we add oxygen into the water to help them survive. We will watch them grow and will keep updating our diaries, and the website! Here are some pictures of some of us meeting them for the first time.

In RE we are looking at the question 'What is the Trinity and why is it important to Christians?' We have looked at the story of Jesus' baptism and found the Trinity in the story. We have also created beautiful artwork to show the Trinity at Jesus' baptism. To help us answer this question we went over to the church and Rev. Richard came to talk to us. We impressed him very much with our knowledge of the Trinity and we loved exploring the Church and talking about what happens in baptisms today. 

After visiting the church we thought about what prayers could be said at a baptism. We worked together as a whole class and wrote this prayer.


Dear Father God

Thank you for making us welcome, taking care of us and making us safe. 
We put our trust in you through the Holy Spirit.

Please guide us to heaven like you did for your son.

Help us follow your example and think of others.
We remember that with you nothing is impossible.



In our topic work we've been learning about the time of the dinosaurs. We looked at how the world has changed from Pangea through to the present day and researched a dinosaur! Mrs C was really impressed with our research and presentation skills!


We are also learning about Mary Anning who was a famous fossil hunter from Lyme Regis. We've learned all about her life and important discoveries. We made a big feelings graph of her life.