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Autumn 2 2016

Week beginning 31.10.2016

Alex, Lila, George, Ruby 


Class 2 has been learning about King Henry viii. We are looking forward to learning about why he has so many wives.



It will soon be Bonfire Night so we were looking at how to keep safe at firework displays.


In maths we have been learning about symmetry. Symmetry is an imaginary line that when you put a mirror against both sides will look exactly the same.



Our value this half term is about Peace.


I've enjoyed learning about King Henry viii and doing the website.

Lila Year 2


I am looking forward to making Ginger Bread in our cooking lesson with Miss Curnock.

Year 2


I've enjoyed learning about Henry viii and learning about the lines of symmetry. I am looking forward to doing maths and topic.

George Year 3


I'm looking forward to doing Henry viii and finding out why he had someone to wipe his bum!

Ruby Year 3


I've enjoyed looking at Henry viii and I enjoyed the fireworks aswell.

Alex Year 3

Week beginning 7.11.16

Photos and words by Iko, William, Daisy, Kelsey and Lydia


In English we  have been learning  how to write a non-chronological report about Henry viii.First we asked questions, then we carried out research and planned our reports.



We put questions on the wonder wall




On Friday we learned about Remembrance Day. We thought about the people who died in wars. We wrote a word to describe these soldiers.




I liked the peaceful pictures on the board in Collective Worship because they were nice to watch.

Kelsey Year 3


I'm looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree. I liked my Mummy coming in to read with me and Eden.

Lydia Year 3


I am looking forward to learning more about Peace and how to be more peaceful.

Iko Year 3


I really enjoyed learning about Poppy Day because I didn't really know anything about it.

William Year 2


I enjoy when we do art, cooking, website and golden time.

Daisy Year 2

Week beginning 14.11.16

Words and photos by Madeleine, Aimee, Enya, Isobel and Kerem


In Guided Reading we have been reading King Henry VIII's Shoes and in it he smelt of cloves because he used to put them in his pockets.We had a sniff of some cloves.


In Maths we weighed objects.




Ali helped us with our reading.




This is where we pray and have some peace time.



I like learning about King Henry viii and his wives.

Isobel Year 2


I'm looking forward to Children in Need and meeting Pudsey!

Madeleine Year 3


I loved weighing objects.

Aimee Year 2


I liked writing  about Henry viii.

Enya Year 2


I liked being star of the week!

Kerem Year 2



Week beginning 25.11.16

Words and photographs by Katie S, Gabriella, Chloe and Lewis



We have been enjoying  learning about king Henry viii.



In guided reading we have been looking at the book King Henry viii's shoes. We have done a role on the wall, explored similes, we've looked at feelings, used the text to find clues, answered questions, written description, put ourselves in Henry's shoes and made predictions on the text.





We chose our favourite paragraph of our King Henry viii report and wrote it up in our neatest handwriting for display on the project wall.


I liked it when we wrote up our favourite paragraph in our neatest handwriting because I like writing neatly and joining up.

Katie S Year 3


I enjoyed learning about Henry viii and his wives because it was interesting and fun.

Chloe Year 3


I have enjoyed learning about Henry viii.

Lewis Year 2


I've been enjoying writing down the reports and writing my wives and children paragraph.

Gabriella Year 3



Week beginning 28.11.16

Words and photographs by Eden, Jessica, Liam, Austin and Matty




In English we have been reading plays and writing our own based On Henry viii's shoes when he goes on the bus.



It's been lots of fun to decorate the Christmas tree.




We decorated Miss Furlong's chair and the classroom.


In science we thought about the difference between what we want and what we need as animals and humans.


My favourite bit was doing Christmas crafts because we got to make stuff.

Austin Year 2


I am looking forward to going on a school trip and Christmas.

Eden Year 3


I am looking forward to Christmas and seeing who is going to be opening the advent calendar each day.

Jessica Year 3


I have enjoyed English where we have been doing plays about Henry on the bus.

Liam Year 3


I'm looking forward to Christmas because I like getting presents. I love all my work.

Matty Year 3

Week beginning 5.12.16

Photos and words Livie, William H, Daniel, Henry 



This week we were writing to Father Christmas about what we would like for Christmas and if we deserved it or not.




In RE we were retelling the Nativity story. Jesus was born in a stable and shepherds came and the three wise men came to give presents to Jesus. We drew our own Nativity scene and worked together to think about the most important parts were. We drew around our hands and thought about qualities that Jesus had and also the qualities we have.


I'm looking forward to finding out more about Jesus.

William H Year 2


I'm looking forward to Christmas jumper day.

Henry Year 3


I'm looking forward to Christmas. School is joyful.

Year 3


I've enjoyed decorating the classroom.and I'm looking forward to the pantomime and Christmas dinner.

Livie Year 3


I've enjoyed writing my letter to Santa because I liked decorating my envelope.

Daniel Year 2