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Autumn 2 20201

Wow, we've started this half term with so much energy and enthusiasm we have blown all the adults away with our confidence and amazing work! 

In English we have been looking at a book called Chalk. It is an interesting book because it has no words in it! We started with an experience lesson where we explored using chalk on the playground and using our imaginations to imagine that the pictures came to life!

We then had to start adding in our own words. We wrote brilliant descriptions of the first page of the book using negative adjectives. We then used conjunctions to change the mood of the description. 


After that we had to start adding in speech. We worked together to come up with ideas about what the characters might say.


We then planned and wrote our own version of the story. They were all amazing!

On Remembrance Day the whole school got together for a minute silence and then Mr Debenham played The Last Post on his trumpet. Later that day we learned about the four different coloured poppies people might wear.

In PE lessons we started to learn how to play hockey. We really enjoyed it. The Year 3s were able to go to an interschool competition which was fab. Our Year 2s are looking forward to attending next year.

During December the school had an RE day. We were all looking at what gifts Jesus gives to people today. Class 2 looked at the gift of Friendship.


We had a debate looking at the statement 'you can't be friends with everyone.' It was fantastic to see everyone arguing their points so well. Here are some of our arguments for and against.


If someone is unkind to you, you can be a friend or be nice to them.


Some people are strangers and you don't know them so you can't be their friend.


If someone huts you, you can still be friend with them. If you don't want to be friends you can still be kind.


We can't know everyone in the world.


Jesus said love one another. Jesus is friends with everyone.


We then looked at the story of Zacchaeus and how Jesus befriended him. We thought about the qualities Jesus shows Christians to enable them to be a good friend and made friendship flowers showing these values. We also wrote prayers about friendship.

We really have worked so hard this term. Mrs C is very proud of how independent we've become and how well we work as a team. We can't wait to see what we will learn next term!