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Autumn 2019

We've had a brilliant start to the school year! Our topic is prehistory and we have started by learning about the time of the dinosaurs!



We've been doing lots of work using secondary sources to find out about when dinosaurs ruled the earth and also looking at fossils and exploring the life of these magnificent ancient creatures.


In English we have used the book Tyrannosaurus Drip to create wonderful descriptions. We are looking at Dear Dinosaur to practice using questions and writing letters too.


We were very lucky to have the amazing author Guy Bass in to visit us and talk about his books - our class reader is Spynosaur which we LOVE!





Guy's visit has really inspired us to write and create our own stories! Thanks Guy.


In maths we have been looking at exploring numbers. We love working together to work out the answer to questions and talk about what we are doing. We are great team players in class 2!






We're in non-uniform here because we were raising money for a little boy called Oscar Saxelby-Lee who needs life saving treatment for Leukemia. We raised over £300 as a school!


In science we have been learning about rocks and fossils - we have also been watching our baby shrimp grow. They were around at the times of the dinosaurs and we have hatched them from eggs and have to feed them and make sure they have oxygen - they are growing every day but are still a bit small to see in a photograph! Come back soon when they are a bit bigger and we will upload one!


During November and December we are going to be going to Forest School. Unfortunately the weather was too bad one week so we had to stay at school. We had lots of fun though and also got to show our team work skills. We had to work together to create a mud picture with a dinosaur theme. We then had to present it to the other groups. We all had to work at the same time on our pictures. We earned 2 Dojos for our teamwork!!










Christmas 2019


The whole school had two RE days where they learned about the Nativity story and what it truly means. We thought about some of the gifts that we can see in the Nativity story. Class 2 were looking at Jesus as a gift to us. Class 2 and 3 then wrote the Nativity Service. 


Here are some of the words we wrote.


Last week we looked at what a gift could be and how you feel when you receive a gift but also how you feel when you give one. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to cost money.


We thought about other gifts like hugs and kisses, the tiny gifts that make a big difference to the people you give them to but are often forgotten


We thought about some other presents that we would like to receive like, hope, happiness, forgiveness, spending time with your family and friends, attention and love.


We all got to speak in the Nativity service and performed confidently and sang beautifully, Mrs Contardi was very proud of us!


We have also been creating beautiful tree art work for our 2020 calendars and sewing Christmas trees for our Christmas cards.





We will be finishing off our Christmas cards this week with embellishments.



Keep checking back as we will add more photographs and text as we continue to work hard!