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Autumn 2021

Autumn 2 2021

Welcome back after half term. Our new topic for this half term is 'Teddy bears and toys'. 

Please follow the link to our new topic plan and half term letter:

We have made a great start to our new topic! We went hunting for bears using a very famous repeating story. We also changed the story by going hunting for a different type of bear such as a sloth bear or a panda.

We have also started to look at stories about Paddington bear. We looked carefully at the setting of the story (a train station) and had a go at role-playing the story.

While we have been enjoying our stories about bears, we have learnt about the eight different species of bear in our world. We have looked at where they live and what is the same and different about each bear. For example, some bears have different diets and some are great climbers. One thing that they all have is five claws on each paw. We made a bear claw biscuit each! 

We learnt about the story of Teddy Roosevelt and the time that he went hunting and refused to shoot a black bear.  A company in America made a toy bear for Teddy after they heard the story- that was when the teddy bear was born! We had a go at telling the story with our friends using some equipment that had been left out for us. 

We started to look at teddy bears and how they have changed over time. We learnt that old teddy bears were much harder than the teddy bears we have today! We looked carefully and gently at some very old bears!

Autumn 1 2021

Welcome to all of our lovely new Reception children and welcome back to the wonderful Year 1s! Our topic this half term is 'The Seaside!'. 

Please follow the link to our topic plan:

We have had a great time making friends in class and playing together. 

We had great fun making our own seaside using lots of materials and resources!

We have been learning about seaside holidays in the past. We thought about what people liked to do at the seaside 100 years ago. We learnt that they got changed in bathing machines and were wheeled down to the sea for a swim! We made our own Victorian seaside with a bathing machine, funny board to put our faces through and our own 'roundabout'.  

We have all been working so hard in our phonics lessons this half term. The children in Reception have been learning their first letter sounds and using these to build words.