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Autumn 2022

During the Autumn Term we have done lots of exciting learning both inside and outside the classroom as we got to grips with the Anglo-Saxons, took our Maths on outdoor treasure hunts, built structures in DT and got messy investigating materials in Science. We even had time to play a football match against St Andrews, have a visit from an Anglo-Saxon monster (who may or may not have been Mr Debenham in disguise!) and many of the class have enjoyed music with violinists, classical guitarists and a complete range of rock instruments now also being supplemented by a school choir run by Mrs Price and Mr Debenham.

Here is a brief selection of our term so far...    

Grendel the Anglo-Saxon monster visits Class 3

Building Pavilions in DT

Maths investigations and problem solving outdoors

Sing-a-long-a-lunchtime - choir takes off!

Science experiments - materials

Experience Harvest

Keep a look out over the next few weeks for pictures of our football match against St Andrews, some really messy science, our visitors presenting Anglo-Saxon artefacts and the work we have done on the Archbishop of York Young Leader's Award. You never know, there might also be room for a few Christmas shots as well!

Science - irreversible changes

As part of our Science lessons we investigated whether changes that were made when two materials were mixed were reversible or irreversible. Can you guess which ones were which?


Classroom work

We have made Roman numbers from lolly sticks and used a conscience alley to find out how it would feel to be a great Anglo-Saxon hero like Beowulf.


In English we debated two motions - 'If someone gives you a gift expecting a present in return is it still a gift?' and 'This house believes that it would be good to be famous'. 

Music - body percussion loops 

In music we've gone full club tent and looked at loops in dance music. We danced like there was nobody watching to Sandstorm by Darude and then worked on our own rhythms using body percussion.

Darude Sandstorm Sound Effect.mp3

Football v St Andrews

We had a football match against St Andrews in late Autumn and played really well despite going down to an 8-4 defeat. Our younger and smaller side fought bravely, scored a couple of banging goals and had a thoroughly fun time. They were rewarded with squash and biscuits at the end!

Football v St Andrews

Paramedic visit

As a thank you for the work we had done as part of our courageous advocacy, led by a child from Class 2, a paramedic ambulance visited the school and the children got to check it out and keep the village alert by testing the siren multiple times!