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Autumn Term 2017


We are strong!


Following on from our last session looking at resilience, this week we are taking a step further by looking at how we can become stronger and more capable to deal with life’s hardships.


Miss Hill showed us a short video of some minion weebles and asked us after, how a weeble might be similar to being a resilient person.


We shared ideas and suggested how weebles keep bouncing back up, no matter how far you push them. This is like being resilient; you keep getting back up and carrying on, even when you find it really hard or if you keep being knocked down time after time, you keep going!


Here are some of our ideas:


“When you’re really stressed, you wobble about.”

“When I’m angry I wobble.”

“It keeps bouncing back upright, even when you press it right down”.

“It’s like the elastic band, it’s been stretched but pops back up.”


Then we watched a clip from Kung Fu Panda. We discussed what Po does when he is faced with challenges and touch situations.

“He never quits in his training”

“He keeps trying and he eventually becomes a master”


We looked at our helper words we created last time and used these to think about ways to be resilient and using our mistakes to help us bounce back.



After this, we draw a picture of ourselves bouncing back after falling down in a challenging situation.

Here are some of our drawings:






The power of resilience! 


Class 3 have been learning about the meaning of resilience and how our inner voice influences our mood and behaviour. 


So what is resilience?

Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

To resist something

To persevere 

Not giving up 

Being able to bounce back

To do with our mood and behaviour.


Next Miss Hill showed us an elastic band...


 What does an elastic band have to do with resilience?



We looked at the flexibility of an elastic band, stretching it and releasing it. 

How does this elastic band look like resilience?


"When you are really sad or angry at someone and you move too far away from one another, that's the band stretching. Then when you are dealing with it and talking to one another again, that's the band closing. " Alex 


"When you pull the band away, it is like you are tensing up and getting annoyed. But when you let go of the band, it is like you are calming down and realising it is okay." - Edie 


"If you pull the elastic band too far it will snap. If we don't cope well with our emotions we will snap. We need to be resilient." - Matty 



Next it was time for a challenge! We played Ringo (resilience bingo!) 

We had to think about what our inner voice was saying to us whilst we were playing the game. 

Did we have positive feelings? 

Did we have negative feelings? 

Were we encouraging ourselves?

Or did we feel like giving up? 


"I felt happy because I had only one numbe left to cross out!" - Angel


"So what, I didn't win, nobody one."  - Willow


"I felt like crying" - Edie 


How can we change our inner voice to help us think positively about a challenge? 


As a class we came up with some helper words. These are special quotes we can say to ourselves using our inner voice to help us be resilient and bounce back. 

Here are some of our helper words:



We then got to write our own helper words on a piece of paper which we can use for giving us encouragement when faced with challenges. 


"Buy a river, build a bridge and get over it!" - Iko








Week beginning: 20/11/17


I.C.T Coordinators: Angel and Ellie

We were learning to play some Anglo Saxon games; one of the games was called Hnefatafl 

We were split into two teams; white and black. We took it turns to move one of our counters. The aim of the game was to move the black king to the edge of the board, the white have to try and block the King.   


The other game we played was called Nine Men's Morris. We played this in partners. Each player had nine counters and you have to place all counters on the dots. You are only allowed to move along the lines, horizontally and vertically. 

 "The aim of the game was to get your counters into three in a row and you got to take one of the other players counters. If you are left with only two counters, you lose!" - Ellie






Our mini Geography trip to look at the Malvern Hills. 

After lunch we walked down to the sports field in the village to look at the Malvern Hills and to have a go at skething them.


"The Malvern Hills are made up of different areas and different heights." - Angel


It was a really clear day and we could see the hills easily.   


"It was nice and quiet to sit down and just look." - Willow



When we went back to the clasroom, we used the Atlas' to find the different mountains, hills and rivers across the Country.  


Week beginning: 13/11/17



In French, we had word searches to find the key french phrases we have been learning. We were looking at how to talk about our family members. 




Meet Violet the French puppet! She visited us to teach us to talk about our families in French. 




In I.C.T we used a programme on Purple Mash called '2go' where we programmed a bee to move around the flowers. Once we became confident with programming and giving insructions, we could have a go at the challenges to test our programming skills. It was important to key in the right information to make the cursor move in the correct direction. 





Children in Need!


Here we all are in our spots and decorating delicious cupcakes with our family and friends. We hope we have raised lots of money to help Children in need. 






Pilgrim's Quest!

 Written by I.C.T Coordinator: Edie

On Thursday 9th November, Class three visited Worcester Cathedral for Pilgrims Quest.

We were joined by other schools to take part in a fun and exciting day.


First we went to the downstairs part of the Cathedral into a small room where we had to hold different coloured sheets of material and we talked about what the different colours might represent and mean to us.





When we had finished with the coloured blankets we went into the room next door. In that room we were doing several activities including: making models of our favorite things, making paper chains and looking at a light pole to reflect on the things we are grateful for.




After, we wet into the Chapter House to do some crafts! We made a clay model gargoyle to scare off evil spirits and some other children made a labirynth. A labirynth is a maze which you roll a ball through to get to the end. We also made a shell collage, we made a shell because people believed that the lines on a shell were the people's lives all leading down to heaven at the bottom.



Here is one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the Cathedral. The stained windows tell different stories from the Bible. 


After Lunch, we were split into smaller groups and went on a tour of the Cathedral. We learnt so many interesting facts. 

Here, we were lighting a candle and had a moment of reflection and we could pray for someone who has been affected by something. 

I think this lady looks very very interested in the candle!


In this glass case are the remains of a pair of Pilgrim's boots and their walking stick, they were found in the Cathedral grounds when some work was done



By lying on the ground, you can see the shape of the cathedral...does it look like a familair shape? It is the shape of a cross, and the Cathedral is built in the shape of a cross. 


At the end of the day we sat in these choir seats to sing the Pilgrim's song. We sang with all the other schools. The minister said a prayer and lit a candle. We all got given a shell at the end of the day to remember the journey we had been on today. 







Week beginning: 6/11/17

 Written by the ICT Coordinators: Alex and Edie      



In ICT on Monday we were doing algorithms, which are a set of instructions which need to be followed in an operation. We were on the computers using Purple Mash. We  were playing on a game called Logo where you had to tell the computer exactly which direction you wanted it to go. -Edie  

We had to write instructions to create different shapes. I made a triangle and a square.

I found it a bit challenging because I kept on trying different instruction words and some worked and some didn't work. - Alex






Week beginning: 30.10.17


Written by the I.C.T Coordinator: Willow and Jessica


In D.T we have been working on designing and making Anglo Saxon houses using different materials. At the start of each lesson we would set a target and at the end we would see if we met the target or not. 

Today we completed the evaluation forms. Some of the questions on there were:

Did you work well with your partner?

If you had more time, how would you improve your house?

What worked well?


"I think if we had more time we would of added more sides and made the door look more realistic." -Willow 





We had our first science lesson on Monday, our topic is liquid and solids.

Miss Hill gave us a mixture of different solids and liquids, we had to talk in groups and decide if they were a solid or a liquid. 

It was fun becasue we got to give a little presentation at the end to explain what was a solid and what was a liquid. I worked with Ellie and Edie, when I had the water and dice and I dropped the dice into the water. The water splashed up the sides of the cup. This shows that the dice is a solid because it kept its shape and the water is a liquid because the dice moved through the water. 

Alos, I threw the dice to Ellie and she caught it, but when I threw some water to Edie, Edie got very wet and she couldn't catch it. This shows that water is a lquid becasue it went everywhere and got Edie wet! 






Thursday afternoon, in science, we were learning about the particles in a solid, liquid and gas. To understand it better we played a fun game. We had diffrent actions for either gas, solid or liquid and we had to move as a group to make the particles. 

"For the solid, we had to all squish up together with no gaps." - Jess

"In a gas there are loads of particles but they do not touch together but in a liquid the particles sometimes touch." - Willow 

Miss Hill did some funny actions!








Week beginning 16/10/17


Written by the I.C.T Coordinators: Chloe and Katie

This was our last forest school of the term. As a special treat we had a fire! Here are some of us helping to light the fire ready to do some campfire cooking!



Miss Curnock got some people to strip some of the willow branches to use for toasting sticks for our marshmallows .



Mrs Booton got some of us to stir the butter for the cobbler mixture.



Here we are toasting our yummy marshmallows that we loved.



Miss Hill got some of us to stir the cobbler mixture. It was hard to stir because it was really tough and the mixture was very thick. 


The marshmallow sandwiches tasted like fluffy, soft and sweet marshmallow heaven.



The sweet cobbler tasted like fruity paradise. Katie

One person loved it so much they had six cupfuls!

It had apples, pears, blackberries, damsons and cherries in it. 

"I think it tasted like a fruit jungle" - Chloe 



Are you ready to ROCK your SOCKS off!


This is Rufus from Rock Steady. He came a few weeks back to show us all of the cool instruments.

He came again this week and he let some of us have a go at playing the instruments.


"I felt epic and the drums were to"


Here we learnt to play the note E on the keyboard, it was so fun I hope we can do it again.

" I felt happy and excited, the key board was loud and high pitched"

"I thought it was fun and exciting to play the keyboard, it was my first time."


"The guitar was loud and cool, it had epic tunes. I would like to learn to play the electric guitar."




Here are our rock star singers, they even had rock star names. 

Let us introduce you to...

The amazing Yoghurt and the terrific cheesecake! 

They had to sing the lyrics:

We will, we will, ROCK YOU!


Rufus will be coming back every week to teach us how to play an instrument, it is going to be so much fun!




Week beginning: 9/10/17


ICT Coordinators: Madeleine, Henry and Matty.


In D.T. we made are own Anglo - Saxon houses in partners and we used our plans from last time we did D.T. We used paper art straws, scrap paper and glue. - Madeleine 

I made a pole for the middle of mine and my partners house, I used a big straw cut in half and then I added a mini straw in the middle and cut up through the middle. And then I added one more big pole, but not cut up. - Matty

I made a really big house, it was very HARD to make because when I glued it together, it kept coming apart! - Henry








In English on Tuesday, the I.C.T. moniters got the laptops and Ipads out ready to do some reseach about York. - Henry 


We worked in partners to find out lots of facts about York. Me and my partner went on the website and we found information abou the York dungeon. -Matty 


And we found other facts such as the old chocolate factory and the olden York museum and I found in the museum old mosaics and an old castle that was the most famous castle in the country.-Madeleine.

This research will help us to create the plan for our leaflets about why you should visit York.








 On Thursday in D.T. we were finishing the frameworks of our Anglo-Saxons houses.



We worked torwards the targets we set ourselves at the beggining of the lesson.




The pieces of paper in the corners are there to support it and make it stronger.



We used pegs to hold the framework together. 



Next time I think we need to add some more cardboard to the sides and the roof. 


Week Beginning: 2/10/17

Written by our ICT Coordinators: Kelsey and Luca 


On Monday in Design and Technology we were designing Anglo Saxon houses . We were designing the structure for both inside and outside. I plan to use art straws and paper for the frame and use straws for the outside and use cardboard for the roof.


In Maths we explored using the different equipment in the maths box to add and subtract large numbers. We used dienes, cubes and the place value grid to help us work out the answers. 




We had a visitor take our assembly, he was a Buddhist Monk. He became a Buddhist Monk when he was only 19 years old! 

We learnt lots of interesting facts like:

  • They meditate. We even had a go at meditating! It made me feel very calm -Alex
  • They do not have any money
  • They do not get married or have children
  • They live in a monastery 
  • People give them food.
  • They carry a bowl to collect their food in. 
  • They believe in kindness and want to be happy.
  • They only eat once a day.
  • The Statue is called the Buddha. and they have it to remember what the Buddha did. The Buddha was a Prince called Siddharta Gautama born in India and he found peace and happiness. 

After the assesmbly he came around to talk to each class, we were able to ask him questions to find out more about being a Buddhist Monk.


In this photo you can see the food bowl which he carries over his sholuder to collect his food in from people.



The Statue of the Buddha. 

"When I look at the Buddha statue I think it looks peaceful." - Lydia 



In P.S.H.E we were discussing different emotions and how they can be different for different people, in different situations. In partners we created a freeze frame of an emotion, I had lonely. We then showed our emotion to the rest of the class. 

We talked about what we can do if a friend feels sad, lonely, upset, confused etc.








On Wednesday we had the Mufti visit us for assembly, he is from the Islamic faith. He told us all about his faith:

Their holy book is called the Quran

They pray 5 times a day.

They use a mat and a book holder to place the Quran on. The book holder is carved from one piece of wood.

They pray in a Mosque and they must take their shoes off.

They do not eat Pork.

They celebrate Ramadan and Eid.

The boys wear a cap on their head as sign of respect.


The Mufti gave us some lovely gifts including a prayer mat, a book holder, prayer beads and a cap.

"I learnt lots from about the Islamic faith, I didn't know that they had money. The Buddhist did not have any money." Madeleine 


On Thursday we worked in partners to created a poster looking at the similarities and differences between to the two faiths. We also looked at how they are both similar to Christianity. 

"They all believe in one God" Chloe 






Forest School 




We made mini fires with strikers with Mrs Booton.



We made conker creatures with an electric drill,leaves and conkers.


Me and my sister made really good dens using tarp and rope.





Week beginning: 25/9/17 


Written by Connor, Luca and Kelsey.


This week we have been doing drama based on EXCALIBUR, on the scene where Arthur broke his sword and he got a new one from the lady of the lake. It was AMAZING, FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT.

"I enjoyed acting the role of Arthur, he's the brave King who had to defeat the evil Sir Pellinore." - Connor







Forest School

The activities we had this week were den buidling, making fruit pies in the mud kitchen; some of the us created a shop/cafe there. Some of the children made blackberry paint and used it to paint cupcake cases. 

"At forest school I made a pie out of damsons, blackberries and apple, and I saw many other Autmn fruits like pears." Connor







Can you spot the ladybird? 



In English we have been reading a book called the Anglo-saxon boy. We have reached the part of the book where Magus is given a set of armour and some weapons inlcuding a sword and an axe from his Father. Magnus' brothers were jealous of his gifts and approached him agressivly, but luckily his father stood up for Magnus.  We then had to work in groups to debate whether Magus should be getting the attention from his Father; the Earle, or not. 




Week beginning 11/9/17


In PE this week, we have been doing social  exercises and activity like jumping ,balancing ,moving and controlling our feet .







In Maths, we have been leaning about  numbers and we all made a circle  and we were adding 

10, 100 and 1,000 more or less to the number that Miss Hill gave us .



This week we picked some of the vegetables we have grown. They were cooked up and given to us as part of our school lunches! It was great!


"This week I enjoyed Maths because we threw a beanbag and had to do more than and less than 10" Jessica.


"I enjoyed learning social skills in PE, it was really fun" Kelsey.


"I really liked everything we have done this week" Iko


Week beginning: 4/9/17


Welcome back! 

Class 3 were excited to be back after the long summer holidays. 

We have had a fun first week back, here is what we have been up to...



On Wednesday we had our first P.E lesson with Mr Alexander. This term we are learning to play football, on Wednesday afternoon we were practising dribbling skills with the ball. I thought it was amazing and I was very good at it. - Kelsey



This week we have had PSHE lessons. PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. Miss Hill asked us to close our eyes, she put on some calming music and she read us a story where we had to walk through a door to find our imaginary safe place. She asked us to open our eyes and draw/write the imaginary safe place we saw. 

My safe place made me feel safe and calm. - Henry   






We were very excited to find that our runner beans were ready to pick! We have mixed beans, they are green, purple and white. We gave some to Lucy in the kitchen to cook on Monday for school lunches. The rest we shared out between the class and took them home. 

We also found some tomato, lettuce and radish that will be served on the salad bar. 





Friday afternoon in PSHE, we had great fun acting out the story of the three little pigs! We had turns of being the little pigs and the big bad wolf. We talked about how the little pigs might have been feeling at different parts of the story and when they might feel safe and unsafe. 


How might the little pigs have felt when they had built their house of straw?


How might the little pigs have felt when the big bad wolf came knocking at the door?


Would the little pigs feel safe or unsafe in their house made of bricks?