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Autumn Term 2019

Ancient Civilisations

Christmas RE Days 2019


On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December, we had two RE days to learn about why Christmas is important to Christians and to put together out Christmas service.


This year we focused on the theme of gifts. We wanted to consider which different gifts could be found in the nativity story. We knew that the three wise men brought gifts but we tried to consider what other gifts god sent.


We found many less obvious gifts such as: the innkeeper, the shepherds and sheep, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the angels, the star, hope and of course love.


In Class 3 we made our own gifts from nets and decorated them to represent one of the gifts we found in the story. You can see they all have a slightly different theme.




This really made us think about the most important gifts to give and receive at Christmas and the legacy that Jesus left - which showed us why Christians still celebrate Christmas today.


We wrote some poems and prayers using our learning:


Computing 11.11.19

In computing we have been learning about animation. We have used purple mash to create some animations with sound and learnt how to use the onion skin tool to help us to be more accurate.

We also looked at how Wallace and Gromit was made and created our own stop motion animations using clay and the iPads!




Malvern Residential.


This term we have been on our residential trip to Boundless Outdoors in Malvern.

We did lots of activities, like zipwire, high bridges, low bridges, night walk, tunnels, problem solving, bushcraft, orienteering and nightline and we got to stay over night with our friends in our own dorms!


We all had a wonderful time and the teachers were so proud of us for how many new things we tried!

Here are some of our favourite bits:


'I remember doing penguin slides on the bed and we made cracks on the floor below us.' Lila


'I got a bullseye in archery and I am proud of myself for having a go at the high bridges' Pippa-May


'We kept Miss Hill up for AGES at 5am!!! We were playing cards.' Lewis 


'I enjoyed hugging the tree in high ropes.' Izzi


'I remember on the nightwalk when a tree took Mrs Danby's hat off her head!' Lucy


'When we woke up in our dorm I kept asking, "Is it breakfast?" Is it shower time?"' Kerem


'I remember when we were in the shower and everyone was screaming because the showers were FREEZING!' Oli


Here our some photos of our trip...

At the end of the trip, we got the results from our dorm inspections.

Stour won the prizes for the tidiest dorms and best entertainment! Well done girls!



What a busy start we have had to our Autumn term!

We have been exploring our new topic of Ancient Civilisations, beginning with Ancient Egypt! We have learnt about King Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb, and discovered what is involved in mummification! 


This half term, Class 3 have been visiting Forest School and have explored the seasonal produce available! We have picked berries, plums, apples and pears and made our own fruit crumble with what we found! 


We built dens in the shape of pyramids:



We drank hot chocolate:


We used our imagination to play games in the woods:


We made fire:


We cut up the fruit we picked:


And we enjoyed eating it afterwards!


In our topic lessons, we have been considering key questions about what life might have been like in Egyptian times. This week we were debating 'Was it really the slaves who built the pyramids?'


Firstly, we had to find a piece of evidence from primary and secondary sources around the room and consider whether it made up think the answer was yes or no and why. 


After that, we had to go and speak to other people around the room and had to have a discussion about our pieces of evidence and try and find out three other facts from other people in the class.


Once we had done that ,we all shared what we had found out about the evidence left behind in Egypt.


We formed a line of certainty in the classroom. One end was 'the slaves did not build the pyramids' and the other was 'the slaves did build the pyramids' and we had to stand somewhere on the line, depending on how confident we were, based on the evidence. We had to explain why we were stood in that position.


Decision time: Lastly, we had to answer the question 'Was it really the slaves who built the pyramids?' by putting our vote into a set of weighing scales.


Unfortunately both sides got ten votes, so the debate continues!


We have been reading lots so far this term in Class 3 and the vocabulary in our writing is already improving so much! This Friday we won Oswald and decided to go to the Lenches Club to play some games  and sports. We took footballs, boules, beanbags, tennis rackets and had a lovely time in the sunshine