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Autumn term 2019

Autumn 2 2019

Welcome back to school after the half term break. We are all ready for an exciting half term learning all about Teddy bears and toys! Please follow the link to our new topic plan. 

We have started off our new topic by learning about the eight different species of bear that live in the world. We have read 'We're going on a bear hunt' and then we changed the bear that we found at the end meaning that we also had to change the habitats that we walk through. The children had lots of good ideas:


Daisy: Uh uh a forest. A bamboo forest. (to find a panda)

Charlie: Uh uh an ant hill. A hilly, bumpy ant hill. (to find a sloth bear)

Noah S: Uh uh a forest. A tropical rain forest. (to find a honey bear)

Harry G: Uh uh a hill. A gargantuan steep hill. (to find a spectacled bear)


The children enjoyed role playing the story together. 


Remember remember the 5th November...

We retold the story of Guy Fawkes and his gang in their attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We also enjoyed making firework pictures and playing with firework play dough.

We have really enjoyed listening to lots of Paddington Bear stories through books and also old TV clips. The children had a great time role playing their learning at their very own train station! 
When we came into school last week, we noticed that something bad had happened in the Blue Room!
We wondered what on earth had happened! We decided to start looking for clues to see who could have made such a mess! 
We noticed three bowls, three spoons, three chairs (one of which was broken) and three beds. Mrs Wragg told us that she saw a little blonde haired girl run from the Blue Room. The children, by the end of their investigations, had three suspects: Mrs Price, Mrs Wragg (was she lying to cover up her crime?) and Goldilocks. The investigation continues...

Teddy Bears

We have also been learning about teddy bears. We were very lucky to have some old teddy bears to look at. We learnt about the features of old bears and were able to observe these while handling some old bears. 

Making Bears

The children have been working so hard over the last few weeks to deisgn and create their own teddy bear! They have stitched, stuffed and decorated their bears. Super work everyone!


Our Interactive Advent Calendar

Mrs Price has very kindly bought us an interactive advent calendar for our white board. Each day there is a story, video or activity. We enjoy playing the activities together. 

Welcome to Class 1! 

All of the children have settled into the school routine very well and are excited to start our new topic, 'The Seaside'. Please follow the link to our topic plan for this half term. 

We have learnt so much about the seaside already! We started off by thinking about seaside holidays in the past. We have learnt about how Victorian people used 'bathing machines' to get changed and be wheeled down towards the sea so that people wouldn't see them in their costumes. The children were fascinated by this! We got changed in our own 'bathing machines' and swam in the sea! 

We have some new 'Goldilocks words' (not too easy, not too hard) to go with our topic. They are:

habitat, cliffs, coast, ocean and harbour. We created each of these words in the outside area to help us to understand what they mean. 

We have learnt about lighthouses and how they protect ships from coming too close to the coastline. We made our own lighthouses. 

The Year 1 children have been working on their number skills. They have looked at making numbers with many different types of apparatus to better understand what a number actually is. 
The children asked if they could visit the new 'sensory garden' and 'secret garden' that Mrs Burt and her helpers have been busy making. Even though it was a bit drizzly, the children had a wonderful time exploring the outside area. They took time to look at, feel, smell and even taste some plants/herbs. Mrs Burt showed them around and they were absolutley fascinated by the different things they could spot like the homemade rain gauge, the wind chimes, water feature, sensory tyres and wildlife homes/food. 
Each day, we have a new activity on the 'fine motor' table in class to help us with building the muscles in our hands and arms. We had lots of fun with pumpkin activities! We started off by hammering golf tees into the pumpkins, then we used tweezers to pull out the pumpkin seeds. Lastly, we ground herbs and mixed them in the pumpkins to make potions!

Our art days:

We have been learning all about the artist Van Gogh over the past three days. We have looked at some of his famous pieces of work and a little about his life. We noticed that in most of his paintings, he uses short brush strokes, swirls and thick paint. We practised making short strokes, making swirls and mixing paint into different shades as well as trying to make it thicker. 

Using the piece 'The Starry Night' as our inspiration, we planned our own art work. We had to decide if we would do day or night, land or sea and what silhouette we would put on. The children very much enjoyed creating their own masterpieces!
Keep popping back to see what we get up to next!