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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2 2020

Welcome back to school after the half term break! This term we have a brand new topic: Autumn and Festivals. Please follow the link below to the topic plan:

We have started off our learning by looking at the changes that have happened all around us since the summer. The children went to forest school for our first session (3.11.20) and took photos to prove to the grown-ups that it is autumn now and not summer. We looked at the leaves on the ground and identified the trees that were around us. We also had fun painting leaves and printing them in lots of lovely colours!
Here are some of the photos that we took to prove that it is autumn!

Remember remember the 5th November, Gunpowder treason and plot....

We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his plans to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the King inside!


Tuesday 3rd November

Tuesday 10th November

Friday 20th November

Tuesday 24th November

Friday 4th December

Friday 11th December


We have written our own versions of 'We're going on a leaf hunt!' using the trees and areas found at forest school. We took our work down to the orchard and went on our own adventures with our friends!
We have been learning about the similarities and differences between leaves and why some trees lose their leaves in the autumn time. We have completed leaf rubbing with crayons and on foil as well as identifying leaves by their size and shape. 
We spent a week learning more about Remembrance. We made lots of poppies in different ways, read a beautiful story in our English lessons about soldiers in the war, wrote prayers and learnt a poem to remember all of those men and women who gave their lives for us.
On the 14th November it was the festival of Diwali! We have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita. The children enjoyed acting it out!
We learnt all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. We coloured rangoli patterns, had a party in the home corner and made yummy Diwali food in the mud kitchen!

Our D/T projects

As part of our learning for our autumn topic, we thought about how different animals survive the cold, winter months. We learnt that some animals, like hedgehogs, hibernate. To develop the skill of attaching two pieces of material together using thread, we created some beautiful hedgehog designs. We chose the thread to use to sew spikes onto our hedgehogs and then we decorated the backgrounds using craft resources. 

Autumn term 1 2020

Welcome to Church Lench First School to our new and returning families we are so pleased to be back in the school building! The new children in Reception are already learning the routines of school life and are making lots of new friends. 

Please follow the link below to the topic map for our learning in this half term. Our topic is 'Marvellous Me!'. 

The children have really enjoyed being back with their friends and meeting their new classmates. They have played together so well and have spent time exploring the resources and areas that we have in class. 
The children in Year 1 (while their Reception friends were part time) have been reading and completing work using the story of 'The Colour Monster'. They have been learning more about their emotions and discussing what makes them happy, sad, scared and angry. We have been sharing our work in the afternoons with our brand new classmates who have been enjoying listening to the story too. 
To start off our maths learning for this term, the Year 1 children have been consolidating their concept of number. We have looked at careful counting, the ability to 'visualise' a number (e.g. the pattern of dots that a number six would make on a dice) and being able to recognise a pattern of number without counting it. We have been so impressed with how much effort the children have put into their learning. 
We have been learning more about our bodies. We have learnt the names of body parts and parts of our face. We took selfies using different filters to see if we could change our facial features and disguise who we really are!
We have been learning more about the body. We drew round our friends and tried to draw in the outline what we thought was inside us. We had lots of great ideas. 
We have been very busy in the doctors' surgery role play and have enjoyed helping our friends with their illnesses and injuries. 
We thought more carefully about our skeleton and completed lots of different activities to learn more about the functions of our bones!
Look at all of the amazing skeleton pictures that we made!