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Big School's Bird Watch 2018

The Eco-council decided that it would be good for Church Lench School to get involved in the Big School's Bird Watch taking place in February 2018. 

Each class has been encouraged to take part.

Class three enjoyed having a whole day dedicated to the bird watch. We made some tasty treats for the birds in the morning including bird kebabs; made using cheese, apple, bread and raisins. We also made bird ice-cream using ice cream cones, lard, bird seed and raisins. We then hung these up around the school grounds to encourage more birds to visit. 

In the afternoon we went outside and did some bird watching, it was important to stay very still and quiet so we didn't scare the birds. We used the bird counting sheets from the RSPB website to record the birds we spotted and how many.

We also did lots of other bird related activities like colouring, sketching from bird books, labeling diagrams and online RSPB games. We had great fun! 

Once all the counting sheets are in from the different classes, the Eco-council will upload the data onto the RSPB website. We will also put up the results on our website. 


Bird Watching results 2018