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Class One Forest School

Our last forest school session!

Class one spent their last Forest School session taking part in some campfire cooking, we made fruit cobbler using fruits that grow in our orchard (pears, plums and apples). The children helped Miss Curnock collect the wood for the fire. As well as the fruit, cobbler is made from oats, wholemeal flour and butter to make a crunchy, crumbly topping. When it was piping hot we enjoyed eating it with cream, It warmed us up on a very cold afternoon. 

The children also enjoyed playing with the mud kitchen equipment, making shelters using tarp and rope and finding a secret pathway through the trees! 



Our Leaf Man

In class this week, the children have been learning about the story 'The Leaf Man'.

This afternoon at Forest School, the children worked together to create a collective Leaf Man! Using their knowledge about different trees, they explored the forest school site to gather as many different leaves as they could find. The children also found some fallen fruit (apples and pears), berries and cones and long grass to create the Leaf Man's features. 

When our Leaf Man was complete, we all took hold of the tarp and threw our Leaf Man into the air so he could start his own adventure! Look out in your own gardens, local parks and the school grounds, you might spot Leaf Man visiting a place near you!





We're going on a leaf hunt! 

Class one went on a leaf hunt on Wednesday, we explored the forest school site searching for different types of trees and collecting as many different leaves as we could find. The children were very curious about how they can identify the different trees by their appearance and the shape and colour of their leaves. 

The children used their writing in English to support their leaf hunt;

"We're going on a leaf hunt, we're going to find a smooth one"

"The fire pit, the smoky, hot fire pit, we can't go over it, we must go around it. Pick up the leaves from the Horse Chestnut Tree"

We found lots of different trees including; Silver Birch, Horse Chestnut, Alder, Pear, Plum, Apple, Apricot, Conifer, Oak and Lime. The children collected the fallen leaves and then used them to create a majestic leaf crown. 

To finish, we enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows! Yum! 

What tree am I? Can you name some of the trees at our Forest School

Today was Class One's first Forest School session of the new half term, and we are learning all about the season Autumn! 

The children enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt looking for signs of Autumn, we even collected some items in our Autumn treasure bags.

The mud kitchen was also a very popular activity at Forest School today, lots of delicious, muddy dishes were created! 

Class One were very excited for their first Forest School session of the Summer term.

The children are determined to earn their class reward for the very last Forest School session; to do this they have to show good listening, care and responsibility for their Forest School area and nature, creativeness, problem solving, working together as a team, sharing, perseverance and many more skills!

Today, the children were busy in the mud kitchen area, making some tasty meals and getting very muddy! 

A group of boys made a fantastic den in the willow structure using tarp and ropes.

A group of children enjoyed exploring the woodland area with Mrs Burt.

Very creatively, one child made their name using grass! 


Here are some of our photographs of our enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine... 


This afternoon at Forest School, Class One children were all busy and engaged in their own choice of play. 


A group of boys made a den in the long grass, they each had their own bedrooms and a kitchen where they were making a interesting concoction from mud, water and grass!


Lots of children were having great fun playing hide and seek, there are so many places to hide in the orchard.


A group of children joined Miss Curnock and Mrs Merrick on a mini-beast hunt, we explored the orchard and woodland area using magnifying glasses to help us spot the creatures. We also used the mini-beast ID cards to help us identify the insects we found. 


The mud kitchen was a big hit once again, Class One love mud and water! The recipe of the day was apple pie; inspired after finding a small apple on the floor.


Lots of social interaction and problem solving skills seen during the afternoon. 


After our drink and snack, we had a visit from the 'Bee man' who kindly showed the children some fresh honeycomb, we even got the chance to dip our finger in and try the delicious honey, it was so sweet. 






What a hot and sunny afternoon we had down at Forest School today, luckily, there were lots of shady spots and the woodland area where we could go to keep cool. 

There was some fantastic, imaginative play happening where a group of children created a den in the long grass and pretended to be hunters. One child stayed at the den to make 'hunters stew'  whilst the others went out hunting for food. 

A group of children went on a fairies and elves hunt with Miss Curnock, we found lots of clues to tell us that there could be fairies and elves living in the woodland and orchard including lanterns, secret doorways, pillows, hammocks, ropes, dusters, and many more! 

Here are some of our photographs... 



Today, we had our Forest School session at school and had lots of interesting activities happening. 

We started to build a bug hotel with Miss Curnock, we used lots of pots, trays, wood, old containers and sticks to design the framework. Then, we filled in the holes and gaps with old leaves, wood chippings, feathers and small sticks. A group of boys created a beach for the insects! They used sand, pebbles and created a pool using an old container. 

The children created signs welcoming the bug guests to the hotel and sign posts to guide them around. 


The children enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts in the soil using magnifying glasses and then trying to match them to the insects on the poster. Some children either had a go at drawing the insects on the chalk board. A group of children created some fantastic mini-beasts from different materials and resources on the pavement, they used pompoms, chalk, pebbles and coloured gems.  


With Mrs Merrick, the children were being very creative making spiders from wooden mesh balls and pipe cleaners.


Small groups went out exploring the school field for insects with Mrs Walsh and Mrs Burt. The children were comparing the different habitats and insects they found with the types of insects we found down at the Forest School site. 





This afternoon was Class One's reward session, they got to choose what they would like to do for their last Forest School session of the Summer term.

Together, the class chose: 

  • Making mini-beasts out of clay
  • Water play 
  • Mud kitchen 
  • Den building
  • Exploring using magnifying glasses
  • Ice lollies for a refreshing snack!