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Week beginning 29th June


Hello everybody! I can't believe it will be July this week! Where has this year gone?! 


This week you have English, Maths and Art. 



In English you will be finishing off your news reports. This will take the week to complete - please follow this through step by step as I have provided different things to focus on each day. 



In Maths you will be beginning to look at decimals.

Year 4 - you will go straight into decimal work from Monday and linking this to your fractions learning.

Year 5 - you have one more fractions lesson to complete and then we will begin to think about how decimals and fractions are related.



We have one more artist left to cover this year - Gustav Klimt.

You will be looking at some of Klimt's work this week and aiming to create your own symbolic artwork by the end of the week.


* * *



In school, Thursdays have become 'Theme Thursday'. This means that every Thursday, we are going to decide on a theme to base our learning around and children are going to take a more independent approach to learning and have some fun.

I have challenged the children in school to come up with their own English, Maths and foundation subject activities based around a theme each week.

If you would like to do your own 'Theme Thursday' then please feel free, it is a good chance to explore your creativity in English, explore how to use Maths in the real world and to do some work on your favourite subject areas. The fun thing is, the theme is completely up to you, but must be

practising skills relating to the curriculum.


Here is an example of a 'Theme Thursday' day of activities from last week.


Theme: Rabbits

English: Write a story about rabbits

Maths: Calculate how much it would cost to look after a rabbit for a week/month/year.

Topic: Create a watercolour painting on the theme of rabbits.



I hope you all have a good week. Please contact me if you need to or want to share any work laugh

Miss Hill x