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Spring 1 2017

Weeks beginning 9.1.17 and 16.1.17


All words and photographs by Kelsey, Alex, William G, George, Ruby, Lydia, Daisy, Lila, Iko and Jojo




It  is Class 2's turn to go to Forest school.This week we had a mud makeover. We had lots of fun.



We have been learning about explorers such as Christopher Columbus. So far we have looked at where he sailed to and we looked at what the ships were called and wrote our own letters in a bottle.



We've looked at where he sailed and found this on a map. We have been reading about Christopher Columbus in guided reading too.



Kerem looked on the globe and found the ships called The Santa Maria, The Nina and The Pinta.



We've changed to cursive handwriting and are practicing really hard to join our writing.


My favourite thing was going to Forest School and putting a mud mask on! I'm looking forward to going to Forest School next week.

Kelsey Year 3.


My favourite thing was learning about Christopher Columbus because he was a famous explorer and I've never learned about him before. 

William G Year 2.


My favourite thing is doing the handwriting because I like starting from the line because I'm good at it.

Alex Year 3.


I'm looking forward to doing Forest School again because it's really fun and we get to do lots of fun activities.

George Year 3.


I'm looking forward to next Monday and Forest School. 

Ruby Year 3.


I'm looking forward to Forest School and I've enjoyed English because it was fun.

Year 2.


I liked making a swing in Forest School and I'm looking forward to next week so I can build a den.

Lydia Year 3.


I am enjoying maths because we are doing all these hard calculations and I am enjoying the concentrating and putting all the effort into it is making me happy.

Iko Year 3.


I enjoyed The Worship Committee's play in assembly and I'm looking forward to celebration assembly because I'm wondering who the Star of the Week is, it was me last week!

Daisy Year 2.


I enjoyed all of the bible stories and i am looking forward to the celebration assembly because I want to know who got a gold star.

Lila Year 2

Week beginning 23.1.17

Words and photos by Aimee, Enya, Kerem, Isobel and Madeleine.



Before he became an explore Christopher Columbus was a map maker. We made maps of the school  we put 'here be monsters' where we are not allowed because when Christopher Columbus was alive they didn't know what was under the sea or where places were because they didn't have the internet and they wrote 'here be monsters' when they didn't know what was there.


On Thursday afternoon we made boats because Columbus sailed boats. We tested them to see which ones sunk and which ones didn't. On Thursday afternoon the parents came and helped us test the boats.



In Maths we have been exploring place value and used the dienes to help us understand what each digit means.



We have moved our reflective area. We have a cross and some candles they mean that we trust God and stand for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We have a bible and it is opened on the story Gideon because Class 3 do their own assemblies and they did this story. We can pray over in the corner and the cross means that Jesus is in our school.


I like the story of Gideon the best. I enjoyed making the boats.

Enya Year 2


My favourite bit  was making the maps because it was fun.

Kerem Year 2


My favourite part of the week was Mrs Price telling bible stories.

Aimee Year 2


I enjoyed making the boats because it was fun and our boat floated.

Isobel Year 2


My favourite part was boat making because all the grown ups came in and our group's boat didn't sink.

Madeleine Year 3

Week beginning 30.1.17

Words and photos by Katie S, Gabriella, Chloe and Lewis.



This weeks homework was to think  about our special things.We wrote about them, drew pictures and some of us brought it in. We then got to share them with the rest of the class.



This is Star of the Week. We are looking forward to finding out who is going to get the Star of the Week.  If we are Star of the Week we get our photo taken and we are given a trophy and a badge.



On Monday we went out to the front of the school to find the first signs of Spring.

We painted some snowdrops with Mrs Danby and they turned out really nice.




Our Value this half is Trust. We have been learning quite a lot about trust and we get trust tokens if we have been trustworthy. In our reflective folders we keep all our reflective booklets inside. So far we have responsibility and peace and we are going to be doing trust next week.



In English and Guided Reading we have been looking at rhyming and poetry. We looked at the poems Racoon Rex, In 1492 and Ronald the Rhino. In maths we have been adding and subtracting.


My favourite thing was doing the poems and rhyming.

Chloe Year 3.


I liked listening to poems and writing out the rhyming words because I like writing and listening to poems.

Katie S Year 3.


I really liked doing the poems and the reading of the poems because poetry makes me happy.

Gabriella Year 3


My favourite bit of the week was bringing your special thing in because we don't usually get to bring them into school but today we did so it was fun.

Lewis Year 2


My favourite bit is finding out who got Star of the Week.

Year 2


Week beginning 6.2.17

Words and photographs by Jessica, Matty, Liam, Austin and Eden



It was kindness week this week and we've been learning about being kind to each other and not being a 'bucket dipper'. We read a story about how to fill an invisible bucket with kind thoughts and actions. We then wrote things we'd like to put in our bucket about being kind.



In English we have written poems, instructions and ingredients lists for being a good friend. We wrote them ready to go on display.



Our science topic this week was magnets. We explored magnets and found they can attract and repel each other. 

We designed investigations where we had to predict which magnet was the strongest. We then carried out our investigations and had to record our results. We then looked back at whether our predictions were correct or not.


In maths we have been looking at subtraction. The year 3s have been looking at written methods to show their working out, using numberlines and column subtraction and the year 2s have been looking at how addition and subtraction are related. This is called the inverse.


My favourite things is art. I enjoyed having maths with Miss Furlong.

Matty Year 3


I liked making our kindness buckets.

Austin Year 2


I enjoyed writing my weekend diary because I get to tell everybody what I did at the weekend.

Jessica Year 3


I enjoyed Science because we got to use magnets.

Liam Year 3


I enjoyed watching PE with Mr Alexander (I've had a broken arm so can't join in yet)!

Eden Year 3


Week beginning 13.2.17

Photos and words by Livie, Henry and Daniel


This week we have done lots of science stuff. We have been looking at magnets and we did lots of magnetic activities. We drew a maze and used a magnet to move a paperclip through the maze, we made a compass by magnetising a metal paperclip, we did some art using magnets, we searched for treasure using a magnet and had to make a car move without touching it.


some of our magnetic artwork


as a whole class we thought about matching magnetic words and how they are linked.


The whole class enjoyed it!



Mrs Danby put up a lovely display of our buckets, poems and recipes from Kindness Week.




In maths we were exploring new equipment to use in maths. The boxes were full of cubes, numberlines, dice, beadstrings, cards, counters, tape measures and dots cards.

 Miss Furlong took some of us out to use the cuisenaire rods. They were fun to use.


My favourite thing about this week was exploring the objects in maths, I'm looking forward to my birthday in half term!

Livie Year 3


I enjoyed exploring the maths boxes and I enjoyed seeing Miss Furlong!

Henry Year 3


I enjoyed representing our school at Badsey, I went there for a maths day and it was fun!

Daniel Year 2