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Spring 1 2022

Happy New Year 2022 from all of Class 2!



We started 2022 with a mini topic about mountains. We loved exploring the world using Google Earth and flying around the world finding different mountain ranges. We also learned some new vocabulary about mountains and used atlases to locate the mountains of the UK. It's really hard to visualise how tall mountains are so we also made scale models using cubes. 1 cube = 100 metres. We were amazed at how many cubes we had to use for the 10 highest mountains in the world! But best of all we loved worked together again after the Christmas break!

We've started the new term off with some fabulous new books. Our class reader is Tom Fletcher's The Danger Gang which we are really enjoying - it's very funny.


In Guided Reading we have been reading 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson and thinking about how characters feelings change over time. In English we are looking at how to write instructions using the book 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. We have explored the story and used the drama techniques we learned last term to act out the instructions. We will be writing our own instructions on how to wash a different prehistoric animal.


Here are some pictures of us acting out the instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth!


As part of our history topic about the Stone Age we were thinking about how becoming farmers changed things for early man.


We split into 2 groups. The year 2s were very early Stone Age people who were hunter gatherers while the year 3s were Stone Age farmers. Each group had to go off to make a shelter. They then had to think about surviving. The children went on a treasure hunt to find wood for a fire and then had to think about getting food and water. The farmers found it much easier to get food as their food was all together and they could 'grow' more. The poor hunter gatherers had to search high and low for food. 


Then the children had to think about how they catch their food (fishing with just wood and stone was difficult) and how they would cook their food. They also had to think about their roles, someone had to stay and keep guard over the fire and food, as the year 3s found out when they left their shelter unattended and all the food was stolen by Ms Munro!


They also got a chance to make fire using a flint.


We had such an amazing time and realised that life in the Stone Age was hard - but it did get a bit easier when they learned how to farm and domesticated animals.


We worked so well as teams too.

As part of our English work on Stone Age Boy we created our own cave art. We found it quite hard as Miss Jones (our student teacher) had turned the lights off and pulled the blinds down so it was like we really were in a cave!

And look at us using drama to find exciting vocabulary to describe walking! We had words such as wandering, roaming, rambling, travelling, strolling, stomping, racing. We then used our favourites to write amazing sentences.

We continued building our amazing team work skills in PE too. We had to get into groups of at least 2 people and Mrs C gave us 1 ball and 1 hoop and we had to work together to create a game. When we had created and played our game we had to teach another group our game and then learn theirs! We loved using our imagination and came up with some amazing ideas. Here are some photos of us creating our games.

As part of our RE topic where were are learning about Judaism we visited Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham. It was our first trip out of school on a coach for ages and we really loved it! We learned so much and were amazed by how beautiful the synagogue was. We are carrying on learning about Judaism next half term and are looking forward to finding out more. Here are some pictures of our trip!