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Spring 1 2022

Happy New Year 2022 from all of Class 2!



We started 2022 with a mini topic about mountains. We loved exploring the world using Google Earth and flying around the world finding different mountain ranges. We also learned some new vocabulary about mountains and used atlases to locate the mountains of the UK. It's really hard to visualise how tall mountains are so we also made scale models using cubes. 1 cube = 100 metres. We were amazed at how many cubes we had to use for the 10 highest mountains in the world! But best of all we loved worked together again after the Christmas break!

We've started the new term off with some fabulous new books. Our class reader is Tom Fletcher's The Danger Gang which we are really enjoying - it's very funny.


In Guided Reading we have been reading 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson and thinking about how characters feelings change over time. In English we are looking at how to write instructions using the book 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. We have explored the story and used the drama techniques we learned last term to act out the instructions. We will be writing our own instructions on how to wash a different prehistoric animal.


Here are some pictures of us acting out the instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth!