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Spring 1 and 2 2021

We started the spring term 2021 in a national lockdown! 


All learning was set on Class Dojo and the parents and children worked so hard with all their learning. We came back together on March 8th and are all loving being part of Class 2 again.


We are working hard, and playing hard together to reestablish friendships, socalise and catching up on having fun together.


Mrs Contardi, Mrs Walsh and Miss Molloy are so proud of all the children for being amazing!

Our topic is Conflicts and we learned about the Romans in lockdown and have now moved on to The Vikings and Dragons! We have been working so hard on writing descriptions of dragons.


Below is a photo of all our work on display! We worked very hard creating wonderful descriptions using lists, similes, metaphors, alliteration and repetition. We also described the colour and texture of our dragons.

We have also looked at the story of St George and the Dragon. We have been retelling it in different ways. We had lots of fun retelling it using drama. We did freezeframes of different parts of the story.







We were very lucky that we were the first children able to use the new play equipment in the playground. We had lots of fun and can keep fit too.