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Spring 2 2022

We started off our new half term with a litter pick. We went down towards the sports club collecting litter as we went. We found so much litter - 14 buckets full of it! We were looking for really old rubbish. The oldest thing we found was a milk bottle from the 1980s! We had so much fun and are looking forward to doing it again soon.


We then started our Design and Technology project - to design a new pair of trousers for Ug the Stone Age Boy.


Ug doesn't like having to wear stone trousers so we set about designing and making him some new trousers. We first had to test different materials to decide what would be the best to use. We then designed the trousers - thinking about what we thought Ug might need or want on his new trousers. We then made them using sewing and applique techniques. Finally we evaluated our work and thought about what we would do differently next time. We are very proud of our trousers as they are fantastic!

On World Book Day we did lots of lovely work around books and reading. One of the highlights was when we got to create a huge canvas of all our favourite books and characters. It is going to be hung in the library so everyone can see it. Below are some pictures of us painting.


In Geography we are learning about villages, towns and villages. We started by going on a field trip around our village. We went around looking for features of a village and looking at different types of houses. We marked these on a map to help us remember where they are. We wrote a recount of our field work in English too. Because we worked so hard we got to go to the park at the end of our trip!

As part of our work learning about Judaism we found out about Shabbat. It is the Jewish day of rest and starts at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. There is always a delicious meal that is eaten on Shabbat. We acted our the traditions that Jewish people do on Shabbat and Miss Jones had made us some Challah bread to try.