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Spring 2018

Spring 2 2018


Welcome back to school after the half term break! What a snowy start to term it has been! We've just about managed to start our new topic of 'Real Life Superheroes'. Please follow the link to our topic plan.

The children in Class 1 have started off their learning about superheroes by looking at extracts from the film 'The Incredibles'. The children have looked at the different characters and their powers.  We have thought about what each of these superheroes would do in different scenarios.

We are going to continue with this work by reading the book of the 'Incredibles' as our class reader. 


In our ICT work, we have started to look at coding. The children in Class 1 have used a coding programme to move screen 'turtles' around their chosen background. Their choice of movement created code for the 'turtle' to follow. 
The Year 1's then had a go at using the 'Beebot' app on the IPads to further their understanding of coding. They had to use a lot of perserverance to get the Beebot to go where they wanted it to!

A Visit from the Air Ambulance!

This morning (7th March 2018) we had a visit from the Air Ambulance. They came to speak to us in assembly about their work, staff and the importance of their charity. We then had the chance to go to sit in the 'pod' (a decommissioned helicopter) to see where the doctor, pilot and paramedic would sit. We very much enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot. Thank you the Air Ambulance team. 

On Monday 12th March we had a visit from two police officers from the police station at Droitwich. They told us all about their work- how they help people and keep everyone safe. They then showed us their equipment and we were able to try on their uniforms.
After we had had a chat, we went out to see the police van. The officers told us all about the equipment that they carry, the lights and the sirens. We got to have a sit in the 'special seats' in the back!
This morning (13th March), we had a visit from one of our Governors- Dr Gill the GP. She told us all about her work as a doctor and how health professionals help other people. 
Dr. Gill then showed us the equipment that she used to help diagnose patients. We had a go at working out what was wrong with our patients with Dr. Gill's help. Thank you for taking the time to come to talk to us!
Becky, a fire fighter, came to visit us in class to tell us about her work in the fire service. She explained the types of emergencies that the fire service get called to and showed us her special uniform that protects her from danger. 
Becky told us about how she works as a team to help people in danger. She spends a lot of her time (when not responding to an emergency) training and making sure that she is fast enough to get dressed! Mrs Pratley got dressed up in Becky's emergency gear but took way too long!
Our last real life superhero came to visit us today, with his sidekicks....

We were really lucky that Farmer Phil could come into school to see us with one of his sheep and her three lambs. We asked him lots of questions about his work and about the cute little lambs. Some of the children's comments:

'That was fun!'

'Why are you a farmer?'

'How old is mum?'

'What do the sheep and lambs eat?'

'I'm going to tell mummy that I want a pet sheep.'


Thank you to Farmer Phil for coming to see us. 

Keep checking back to see what we get up to this half term!

Spring 1 2018


Welcome back to school after Christmas! We are very much looking forward to our learning this half term. Our topic is all about 'The Cold'! Please follow the link below to see our topic plan. 


We have started off this half term looking carefully at adding and taking away. The children in Year R have been using objects and Numicon to help them to count on and count back. 

In Year 1, we have worked on adding and taking away in our heads as well as written methods. We have looked at balancing number sentences that have numbers missing e.g. 3+X=10 as well as using tricks to add quickly e.g. spotting number pairs to 10 and doubles. 
Year 1 have also been learning about weighing. They firstly compared the weight of different Polar region animal figures using important language such as 'lighter', 'lightest', 'heaviest' etc. The children then used cubes to work out how many cubes would balance their Polar creature. 

Our topic lessons on 'The Cold'

In our topic work, we have found the cold places of the world. We each made a mini globe to show where the Arctic (frozen sea), the Antarctic (frozen land) and the equator can be found. 

We have learnt about how animals are adapted to live in the extreme cold and we compared animals that live in our country to those that live in the Arctic. For example, we noticed that an Arctic fox has much thicker fur that is white to camouflage as well as being much smaller than foxes in our country. 


We moved onto looking at how people survive in the Arctic. We learnt about Inuits- how they live, where they live, what their wear and what they eat. We role played living in the Arctic. 

We have just learnt about the 'Race to the South Pole' that happened 100 years ago between Captain Robert Scott (from England) and Roald Amundsen (from Norway). Both explorers wanted to be in the first to reach the South Pole. We read part of their story and then tried to predict who we thought would get to the South Pole first. 


We role played the story and thought about what the explorers would have needed 100 years ago and how they would have felt at different points in their journeys. 

We have spent some time learning about winter in the UK. The children learnt about how animals and plants survive the cold weather. Each child made a beautiful winter scene on the computers.
We have been learning about what happens to water when it gets really cold and really hot. We have completed two experiments using ice- one to melt the ice as quickly as possible to free some Arctic creatures that Mrs Pearce accidentally froze (!) and the other to keep ice cubes cold for the longest amount of time. We all made a prediction about which 'coat' for the ice cube would keep the cold in for the longest amount of time. 
We wrapped our ice cubes in coats made from: cotton wool, cloth, newspaper, paper towel and nothing at all. After an afternoon in the Blue room we found that the cotton wool was the best coat for keeping the cold inside the ice cube- it had barely melted at all!