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Spring 2020

Well Class 2 came back after Christmas full of energy and enthusiasm!


We are continuing our topic of Pre-history but have moved on to 'the Stone-Age to the Iron Age'. We have been learning lots about prehistoric man and answering questions such as 'was Stone Age Man simply a hunter gatherer?' and finding out about Skara Brae. We also found out about how Stone Henge was built and we debated why it was built. We had different theories and worked together to argue why our theory was the best. Then we presented our ideas to the rest of the class to see if we could change their minds.





Here we are coming up with the arguments for our theory.






And here we are presenting out ideas to the rest of the class. The 4 theories were that it was a sacred place used for ceremonies, it was a place of healing, it was a monument to a great leader or it was a gigantic calendar! We argued well and made our final decisions... what do you think it was for?


We have really enjoyed our learning and have impressed Mrs Contardi with our work.


In DT we created trousers for a Stone Age Man. We used the book 'Ug' by Raymond Briggs as a starting point.



Poor Ug is desperate for soft, comfortable trousers. So we tested different materials, investigated ways of joining materials together, designed and made some trousers for him.





What do you think of our efforts?




We have been very artistic this half term as we have looked at cave art too and created this amazing display with Mrs Danby.




In Maths we have been working hard learning out times tables and multiplying and dividing. We are getting very good at it!






Here we are practicing and helping each other with our times tables!


 At the moment we are using this book to help us become self-control superheroes.

It gives great advice for when we are frustrated, anxious or fidgety. We can use the superpowers ourselves or remind our friends how to use them to help everyone be the best they can be!