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Spring 2022

Happy new year! Welcome back to school after the Christmas break. We are all excited to start our brand new topic 'The Cold'! 

Please follow the link below to our topic plan. 

We have really been enjoying our new topic! So far, we have learnt what it is like in the Polar regions, looked at animals that manage to survive there and how they are adapted to the extreme cold. We have also been learning about people that live within the Arctic Circle and how they manage to live, work, eat and survive. We read about them going on hunting expeditions where they build shelters and ice fish to catch food. On our trip to forest school, we went on our own hunting trip where we had to build a shelter to survive the extreme temperature as well as catch our own food with fishing rods. 

Back at school, we role played an Inuit hunting expedition and had a go at 'cooking' the fish that we caught!