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Spring 2022

Welcome back to school after the half term break. Our new topic is: Real life superheroes!

Please follow the link to our topic plan: 

To start off our topic, the children have been thinking about fantasy heroes. They enjoyed watching clips from the Incredibles to look at different super powers. 



We completed our very own DT project on 'Moving story books'. The children first learnt how to make a moving item for a page in a book. They had moving cars and jumping rabbits!

They then designed and made their own story book to tell the famous nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'. 

AMAZING work everyone! Your finished moving books look wonderful!


On Monday, Karen came to help us be 'Litter picking super heroes'! We had lots of fun collecting litter from the school grounds and trying to find the oldest piece of litter that we could!

HUGE thanks to Mrs Cox for coming into school to speak to the children about her job as a nurse. The children were so excited to meet her and ask her lots of questions. Mrs Cox had kindly brought in some equipment to help the children look after very poorly teddy bears! The children checked their temperatures, listened to their hearts, bandaged up their injuries and gave them injections. 

We have been learning about measures this week. Year R have been looking at weight and have used the balance scales to compare objects to see which is the heaviest and lightest. They were challenged to make the scales balance too!

Year 1 have been practising their vocabulary to talk about capacity. They have been filling containers to different amounts e.g. half full, nearly full, nearly empty. They have also been measuring how many cups fill different containers to find out which have the biggest capacity. 

We were able to enjoy a second D/T day this half term where we designed and made our own sandwiches. We then tasted them to evaluate whether they were nice or not! We looked at healthy and unhealthy ingredients and tried to make our sandwich fit all of the different food groups. 

We have been so lucky this week (4.4.22) to have had visits from two real life superheroes! On Monday, PC Aiden came to see us. He told us all about his work and how he loves to help people in lots of different ways. We were able to try on his uniform and look at all of the different equipment that he uses to help him to do his job. We also got to sit in his police car!

We also had a visit from Colonel David Jones MBE who serves in the army. He told us all about the jobs that the army do to help people. We looked at images of the army helping with floods, the petrol crisis and helping during the pandemic. He showed us all of his different uniforms and told us what they were for. We looked at his ration pack, how he cooks food, different equipment to keep him safe and some of his very impressive medals! 

SPRING 1 2022

Happy new year! Welcome back to school after the Christmas break. We are all excited to start our brand new topic 'The Cold'! 

Please follow the link below to our topic plan. 

We have really been enjoying our new topic! So far, we have learnt what it is like in the Polar regions, looked at animals that manage to survive there and how they are adapted to the extreme cold. We have also been learning about people that live within the Arctic Circle and how they manage to live, work, eat and survive. We read about them going on hunting expeditions where they build shelters and ice fish to catch food. On our trip to forest school, we went on our own hunting trip where we had to build a shelter to survive the extreme temperature as well as catch our own food with fishing rods. 

Back at school, we role played an Inuit hunting expedition and had a go at 'cooking' the fish that we caught!