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Spring 2023

Music in Class 3

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We developed a musical composition based on the Japanese cherry blossom festival of Hanami. We wrote haiku as lyrics for our pieces and developed a melody to represent the blossom and used percussion to mirror the weather.


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Science Day 2023

On 6th February we spent an exciting day on science, performing experiments based around nursery rhymes, making miniature explosions and being wowed by a visitor from Mad Science who blew enormous smoke rings, performed some illusions and surprised us all with a big bang!

Here are some pictures from the day...  

A Mad Scientist wows the children (and the adults!)

Betty Botter Bought Some Butter

A Sailor Went to Sea

Let's Go Pop!

Three Wise Men of Gotham and Oranges and Lemons

Wow! experiments in the classroom

I Can Sing A Rainbow

Outside work - Rock-a-bye Baby, Hey Diddle Diddle and some fun with Coke

Football v Harvington 

On Wednesday pupils from Harvington came over to play football. An exciting game saw Church Lench take a two goal lead before Harvington fought back to lead 3-2. A late equaliser from Church Lench saw the game end in a draw and everyone had well-deserved biscuits and squash. 

An Honourable Draw

Stand and deliver!

At the start of our "Crime and Punishment" topic Class 3 had a visit from a real live highwayman who, after he had relieved the children of their valuables* settled down to answer some questions about the life of a highwayman in the 18th century. The children will use the information they have learnt to help them write a story about a highwayman in English and to assist with their History learning. 


* Not really!

A highwayman holds up Class 3!

Charging through the mud!

On Monday 16th January we took a team of Year 5s to Prince Henry's High School to take part in the regional School Games Cross Country. Parts of the course were a little bit muddy and many pairs of trainers (including Mr Debenham's may now need a bit of a clean!) Everyone had a fun morning, even if some of the children would have preferred a walk rather than a run! 

A Day Out in the Mud!