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Spring Term 2018



This week has been a very exciting week in Class 3. We went on a trip to Malvern!



When we got there we made our bed, some of us needed some help.




On the first day we went rock climbing and problem solving in the afternoon. 

In the evening we went on a night walk up the Malvern hills. We walked up a hill called end hill and played stuck in the mud at the top!




We were all very tired by the end of our night walk but still managed to stay awake and eat cake before bed.


On Tuesday, we had a very busy day. We got up and had to tidy our rooms because we had a dorm inspection. We had to make some entertainment to go with our dorm inspection, and Severn were in the lead with 12 points.

After that, we went to breakfast. We had to make our own lunch as well whilst we were at breakfast. We could choose what we wanted to put on our sandwiches and how many we wanted.


Then we did lots of activities on Tuesday. We did low ropes, orienteering, high bridges and zipwire.

These were so fun and we were all very scared but lots of us managed to conquer our fears and get up on the high bridges.







In the evenings before dinner we had some free time. We had our own common room and it was really cool we had a skittle alley, giant connect 4 and table football.



On Tuesday night we went on the nightline and tunneling.

The nightline was where we had to be blindfolded and had to be directed around an assault course by our partners. It was really fun.




The tunneling was cool it was a huge tunnel and it was so dark and wet. The teachers weren't brave enough to go in but it was one of our favourite activities!





On Tuesday night we were really tired, but we had some jam tarts and went straight to bed and gave the teachers an early night!


On Wednesday we had to get up early and clear our dormitories. We packed up everything and stripped our beds and went to breakfast. We made our sandwiches again and went back to North Block for our dorm inspection. This time Stour overtook Severn because they were the only dorm that remembered all of their belongings!!


Then we went and did archery and bushcraft. Archery was really good fun and we had some team competitions. In bushcraft we built shelters and learnt how to make fire. Then we got to drink some hot chocolate!








Here are some of our favourite bits:


Madeleine: my favourite bit was when my dorm got to hot so we opened the window but then we got too cold so we closed the window then we went back to bed.'


Willow: My favourite part was when we went on the night walk and weed in the bushes. After that we went really high on the Malvern hills.


Ellie: The food was very good. I loved the food so much it was so good.


Luca: My favourite part was going through the tunnels 5 times!!


Chloe: I loved going through the tunnels and getting really wet!




Class 3 have had a really busy time since we last posted. 


On Friday 16th February we had the afternoon at school. As a reward for all of us reading 3 or more times a week and getting our reading diaries signed we won the weeks reading challenge!! Oswald the reading owl came to stay with us and to celebrate we had a beach party. 



We loved it so much please help us work together to get another reward by signing our diaries on Wednesday evening. 



Thursday and Friday last week all had snow days and we loved sharing our snow stories with each other!


Wednesday 7th March we had a visit from the West Midlands Air Ambulance. Aimee and Abby came to tell us all about what they do and all sorts of other exciting facts about the air ambulance charity. After we finished our special assembly we were invited outside to see a shell of a former service helicopter. We got to sit in the pilots seat, the paramedics seat and in the doctors seat. 






Our current topic is Space, we are loving learning about all things space. In Maths we were looking at and comparing the physical sizes of the planets using fruit. Some of us came to the front of class to collect a watermelon, lime, raspberry, pomegranate seed, onion, apple, and blueberry. We had to put the fruit in order of size that represents the planets.  



This afternoon we are off to Forest School, so we hope to have more pictures to share with you soon!



We have had a lovely week in Class 3, but Thursday was the highlight of our week. 


Crazy Hair Day 2018


On Thursday we all came in to school with crazy hair! It was to raise money for the charity, Place 2 Be. This charity helps support children who struggle in the classroom and don't feel comfortable at school. 

"At crazy hair day everybody had mad hair; my hair was like I went though a bush". said Kelsey.


" I liked that everyone had a good and different design and I think we raised a lot of money for the charity." Alex


Even the teachers joined in!



The Big School Bird Watch


To start with we made our own bird feeders by mixing lard with bird seed and putting them in ice cream cones. We also made bird kebabs with apple, raisins, bread and cheese.

We left them outside around school to attract and feed the birds. 


After we finished making them, we headed outside to see what birds we could find. 




"It was fun, I saw lots of birds including two blue tits and two wood pigeons," said Alex


"I saw about 20 birds and I liked hanging up the bird feaders," said Katie


"We had 3 groups, one of the groups were inside doing computing or sketching a bird, I drew a falcon, some of the other people were watching birds and the last group were working in the mud, planting daffodil bulbs," said Connor






What a week we have had in Class 3!


On Monday, we were lucky enough to have Relax Kids come in and help us relax. We had a lovely time doing some stretching activities to start. Then, we went on to practicing our calming breathing techniques and to finish our session we all had a lie down on the blankets and listened to music with calming words. 


"My favourite part was lying down at the end while we heard a story about the softest bed in the world" Gabriella.


"It was fun and i was so relaxed i fell asleep!" George


"I'm looking forward to doing it again next week, and i really enjoyed the lying down at the end." Connor


"It was amazing, and interesting." Ellie


"It was really calming and it helped me relax." Willow


Unfortunately we were all far to relaxed to take photos this week!


On Wednesday, we had a special treat for having the most Dojos from Mr Alexander in PE. We got to have an hour of Dodgeball before lunch! We worked in 4 teams: Pink, Orange, Blue and Yellow. The blue team won and all of us worked really well in our teams and had a fabulous time!


"Awesome!" Ellie


"It was fun because we got to hit each other with balls." Katie S


"It was good because we were cheering on our friends." 

"It was fun and i enjoyed it." Willow



Happy New Year!


We are pleased to be back after a wonderful Christmas break. We have settled back into our learning really well and are looking forward to the term ahead. This term our topic is:


William Shakespeare

We have looked at all aspects of Shakespeare and his life but our focus has been on his writing. Our book that we are working on is Romeo and Juliet which we are really enjoying. 


In english we have been working on a character profile of Juliet. Above are some of the fabulous ideas we came up with to describe her. 


Our theme this term for PE is dance. We are lucky enough to have Kris to come in and teach us Zumba. We had our first lesson yesterday and we absolutely loved it! Here are some pictures of us having a wonderful afternoon. 

Here we are doing a warm up including some dynamic stretches.


Today's session was focused on flexibility. We talked with our friends about what flexibility is and why it is important. 

We then played a game called guess the letter. In groups of 4 we were given a letter of the alphabet which we had to create in our groups. Then the rest of the class had to guess what letter we were. It was really hard to make curved shapes and we had to bend our bodies in different directions.


Can you guess the letter?





We also played the game limbo!