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Spring term 2019

Welcome back to school after the half term holiday!


We have an exciting half term of activities coming up including our class trip! Our new topic is called: 'All creatures great and small!'. 

Please follow the link to our topic map to see what we will be learning about real life animals and imaginary creatures. 
We have started off our new art topic of weaving. We will be making our own farm scene by weaving ribbons and other pieces of material. Before starting our own project, we all had a go at weaving on the big looms. 
We've got some new visitors in Class 1! On Monday 11th March we took delivery of ten eggs plus all of their equipment. The children were fascinated that some of the eggs still had feathers stuck to them. We started an egg diary to make predictions about when the first one would hatch. 

This morning (12.3.19) the children noticed that one of the eggs had started to crack. They kept checking up on this egg during the day but the chick inside was taking its time! Then a different egg had cracks appear! 

By the time the children had left school there were still no chicks but around 4.30pm the first little chick hatched! 

As the teachers left school, three more eggs had cracks in them so we're hoping for some more chicks tomorrow!


This morning when we came into school there were five little chicks waiting for us! Then, a few minutes before we left school for our trip we watched another hatch out! When we were out on our trip to the farm today, the remaining eggs were very busy and we came back to eight chicks! Four boys and four girls. 

13.3.18 Our trip to the farm 

We've had an amazing day at a working farm near Alcester. We had so many great experiences including watching lambs being born, making bread and butter, sitting in the tractor, stroking the cows and feeding the lambs. Amy and Sophie from the farm told us loads of information about the animals and crops that they keep on the farm. 


Huge thanks to the staff at Oversley Hill Farm in Alcester and to the staff that helped on the day: Mrs Pearce, Miss Evans and Mrs Burt. 
We've had another delivery in Class 1! Mrs Merrick kindly brought in some frog spawn from her pond for us to observe to go with our work on unusual life cycles. 
We learnt about how frogs lay eggs in water and then these develop into tadpoles. We followed the life cycle through the changes of the tadpoles into froglets and then frogs. The children then had a go at making the frog life cycle in play doh! 

Chick update! 20.3.19

Our beautiful chicks are growing steadily and eating us out of house and home! 

We have chosen names for the chicks and all had a turn at holding them. We were very careful with them. We were fascinated by the feathers growing on their wings and how alert and jumpy they were!

Welcome back to school after the Christmas holidays!

We have a very exciting half term of learning coming up. Please follow the link below to our half term topic plan: 

In our classroom we are enjoying having a 'pirate boat' set up while we learn about the jobs that pirates and sailors did all day. We have also learnt about how pirates attacked other ships using a five step approach. 
We have also enjoyed playing with our friends using the new small world toys that 'The Friends of Church Lench School' have kindly bought for us. Thank you!
In our dance lessons, we have started to think about how to make ourselves and our movements look more like pirates. We have practised poses, gestures and travel motifs. Do you think we look scary?
All of the children in Class 1 have been working on their calculation strategies. The children in Year R have been using the 'Part/Part/Whole' diagram to understand how a number calculation works. They have been representing their calculations with Numicon, teddy bears and even written numbers. 
The children in Year 1 have been working on their mental calculation strategies using their pairs to 10 and knowledge of doubles to help them. They have also been working on written strategies using number lines and empty number lines. 
In our ICT lessons, we have all been learning about programmable toys. All of the children used Beebot toys to move around treasure maps. 
Year 1 have also been trying to move screen turtles using 'Purple Mash'. It was actually a lot trickier than we thought it would be!

Pirate day- 12.2.19

Today we had an amazing day in Class 1! We all came in dressed in our pirate clothes ready to enjoy a day of pirate fun!

We all learnt about telescopes and had a go at making our own. 

We also had a go at making a hook hand! We enjoyed playing with these throughout the day. We played a game of 'Walk the plank' where we had to swap places on the plank without anyone falling into the sea! It was much trickier than we thought it would be. 
We also took part in a treasure hunt in teams to find letters to build pirate words. We found letters in our team colour and rearranged these as a team. 
At the end of the day we had a special pirate visitor who read us a story!
Keep checking this page to  see what we get up to!