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Spring term 2020

Spring 2: Real life superheroes

We are really excited about our new topic! Please follow the link below to our curriculum map. 

We started our topic by looking at imaginary superheroes focussing on the story, 'The Incredibles'. The children pretended to be different members of the family to see how they could help in different situations. We are now looking at the story 'Supertato'. The children made some lovely Supertato characters in class. 
We were very lucky that two amazing real life superheroes came to see us today (2.3.20)! Claire and Kate the paramedics came to visit us to tell us about their work. They took time to show us around the ambulance (letting us play with the sirens!!), demonstrated how to use equipment and even wrapped some of our 'injuries' with bandages! Thank you so much for visiting us, we learnt so much about your job. 
Today (3.3.20) we were visited by two Police officers. They spoke to us about keeping safe when we are out and about (stranger danger, crossing the road etc.). We then had a look around their police car and at all of their different equipment. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to see us, we learnt lots about your job. 
Today (10.3.20) we had a visit from Becky and Nick, two firefighters. They talked to us about fire safety and what they do day to day in their jobs from putting out fires to rescuing people by boat in floods. They showed us the fire engine, the equipment that they carried and even how the hoses worked! Thank you so much for taking the time to come to see us! Also thanks to Mrs Burt and Mrs Lane for coming to help us. 
Please keep checking back on our learning!

Welcome back to school for the spring term and...

Our new topic this term is called 'The Cold'. We will be learning a lot about the coldest places in the world and how plants, animals and people survive there. We will also look at how the season of winter changes the UK. Have a look at our topic plan using the link below:
This afternoon (13.1.20) Miss Curnock and Angela came into class to help us with the mud kitchen. The children were invited to come to play in the kitchen and to help plant some bulbs ready for the spring. 
They had a great time making 'cakes', mixing potions and working with their friends. 
We have really been enjoying our learning about the coldest places of the world. We worked together to role play what life would be like for people that live in the Arctic Circle. We had a go at hunting, ice fishing, building a fire and finding a shelter in the freezing temperatures. 
We have been looking at the winter time in the UK. We have learnt about how plants and animals survive the winter through hibernating, migrating or storing food to eat. We have experienced the frost ready to write our own winter poems. 
We tried to stop ice from melting today by completing an experiment to look at stopping the cold from escaping from an ice cube. We decided to make coats for ice cubes looking at different materials to see which would keep the ice cube whole for the longest time. We made our predictions and couldn't wait to find out the results!
The best 'coat' was made with cotton wool. It kept the ice cube from melting completely for around 4 hours!
The children in Year 1 have been doing a super job learning how to multiply and start to use arrays to help them. The children in Year R have been working on their repeating patterns. They have spent a week practising in LOTS of different ways! Great work!
All of the children in Class 1 cheer on a Wednesday when they realise that Mr. Alexander is coming in to teach their PE lesson! We have been lucky to get some sunshine for our games lesson where we have been working on team games, throwing, catching and kicking skills. 
Keep checking back to see what we are learning!