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Spring Term

We are so pleased to be back at school after 'Lockdown'! Welcome back to all of the children and their families, we have really missed you!

The children have really enjoyed playing with their friends again after so long!

This half term, we have been learning about 'All creatures great and small'! We have started off our topic (during home learning) by learning about the different types of vertebrates and where different animals live in our world. We have looked at how animals are suited to where they live. 

This week (8.3.21), we have been focussing on farm animals and what certain animals are kept by farmers. We have then looked at the life cycles of farm animals. We even played games to sell our farm animals at the market!

We have been very busy in class! We have been enjoying our learning all about animals. As well as making a non-fiction book about our favourite animal, we have started to read 'Where the Wild Things Are'. In this story there are a lot of fantasy creatures. We have been thinking about where some of these creatures have come from e.g. a pegasus started off as a horse, a griffin is two creatures that have been stuck together. We have been trying to work out which creatures the 'Wild Things' have been made from.


The children in Year 1 made a map of the story which they used to direct the Reception children to retell the story. They all did a great job!

The children had great fun making rainbows to celebrate St. Patrick's day. They even had a little chocolate coin delivered from the leprechaun!
Each Monday, Mrs Merrick has been bringing in some frogspawn for us to have a look at. We have been noticing the changes each week and have been very excited to see some tadpoles starting to emerge from the frogspawn. We have learnt about the frog life cycle and are keen to see some froglets soon! Some of the children had a go at making the life cycle with play dough.