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Summer 1 2017

Week beginning 23.4.17


Written by Enya, Isobel, Aimee, Kerem and Madeleine.


 It was the  first week back after the Easter holidays and what a busy week it's been!


Our new topic is the Romans! 


On Monday afternoon we had a visit from John Major who will be teaching us cricket. We played some really fun games which will help us run fast and catch the ball. 


In R.E. on Tuesday we talked  about what the word inspirational means and who inspires us to be a good person.  

I learnt that inspirational means to encourage and give hope. My mum inspires me to be kind and help people. Madeleine

 On Wednesday we made mosaic patterns in Art with Mrs Danby. We used clay to cut out small squares which will be painted. 

In Art I designed my mosaic on paper, I used violet and light blue crayons. Isobel


In guided reading we have started to read a new book, it is called Wanted: The perfect pet by Fiona Roberton.


It's about a boy called Henry who really wants a pet dog. We then wrote about our perfect pet in English.

I've enjoyed writing about my perfect pet. My perfect pet is a rabbit because they are cute and fluffy. Aimee


A few weeks before the Easter holidays we planted some potatoes. When we came back to school we were amazed to see how much they had grown!

Our potatoes have been growing over Easter. They look beautiful! Kerem 


We have also noticed the lovely spring flowers that have been growing in the school field. They are called tulips.



I like the colour of the flowers. I saw a bee inside one.  Enya 


Week beginning: 2.5.17


Written by Austin, Matty, Eden, Jessica and Liam.



This week in English and guided reading we have read a bit more of Wanted: The Perfect Pet. We have been learning about formal and informal language.


We wrote an email to Henry from the Lonely Duck, this used informal language.


We also wrote a letter from Spotty Dog (who's the duck in disguise!) We wrote the letter using formal language. 


In the email we started with 'Hi' which is informal and for the letter 'Dear', which is formal language. Liam



In Maths we have been using money to find out change. 

We learnt about the months in the year and found important dates. Eden

We also counted how many days are in each month. 


P.E has been lots of fun. We have been doing Roman dancing and pretending to go to battle!

We used our trays as shields! Matty

We had to listen carefully to the music and march to the beat.


We have started going swimming on Friday afternoons. 

We have four groups, there is a deep end, the middle, and a shallow end. I am in group one and we were jumping up and down using the wall. I love going swimming. Jessica


I have just started swimming and I'm already in group 3.  The playtime is fun, I like sculling and doing log rolls and back flips. Austin 


In the celebratory assembly we get to invite our parents and family to come and join in celebrating our achievements.

I enjoy clapping in the celebratory assembly. Eden 

Week beginning: 8.5.17


Written by Lila, Year 2, Alex, Ruby and George.


On Monday afternoon Rob came and taught us cricket skills like catching and throwing the ball to our partner.

"We played an excellent, fun game at the end where Rob threw beanbags at us quickly. We had to concentrate to know when he would throw the beanbag at us. If we dropped the beanbag we had to sit down and they were out. At the end it was just me left standing up, and I won!" Lila 



In Maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. We each had a clock to split in half finding past and to. We then labelled our clocks. 

We found o'clock, half past, quater past and quater to. 


On Tuesday in History we had to work in teams to dress up as a Roman. We used old  blankets and sheets to make robes! 

"In my group we worked really well to dress up our friend. It was quite hard to make the sheets stay on, they kept falling off." Alex


In English we have been writing instructions about how to dress up as a dog. 

"It was important we had noun phrases, adjectives, similies, exclamations and questions in our instructions." George

After we had written our instructions we worked with our talking partners to read and follow their instructions to make a dog costume! 


In dance we carried on with our Roman dancing. 

"We did lots of marching to our partners." Year 2

"The dancing was so much fun because we had to pretend we were in battle." Ruby 



Week beginning 15.5.17


Written by Katie.S, Gabriella and Chloe. 


On Tuesdays we have playground games with Miss Jackson. She shows us  lots of different games which we can play with our friends at play time.  My favourite game was ball tag.  You  need to start with the ball and a partner, then the person with the ball will throw the ball and try to tag the person next to them and then they will be on your team. Chloe



We have had lots of arty fun in Roman week! 


On Monday we read the story of Romulus and Remus.Then class 2 retold the story by using pictures in the right order.

We designed and made are own Roman shields. First we cut the shape of our shields out of card, then we used paper mashe to make the middle of the shields. A couple of days later, we painted them with lots of bright colours. What do you think we are going to use our shields for? You will have to wait until next week to find out! Katie





On Thursday we were learning about Roman pottery. We discussed what the pottery was used for, we thought the Romans used them for keeping wine and water in. We painted our own paper pottery, the two colours I used were orange and a brown that looked like hot chocolate. The whole class enjoyed painting the pottery. Gabriella  



As well as art, we listened to some Roman music and then had a go at making our own music. My group used a drum, the triangle and the guitar. I thought it sounded good. Chloe



Our homework this week was to do a Roman project, we could do anything we liked! Here is Enya with her shield she made, doesn't it look good! 


Alex won star of the week for his project, his book about Roman facts was amazing and very interesting. Well done! 


This was the best week ever! Katie 


Gardening day!



What a fantastic day we have had gardening in the sunshine!

Farmer Phil (Miss Curnock's Dad) came in to help us weed and plant lots of lovely flowers and vegetables. 

Mrs Danby and Miss Furlong have been very busy helping the children wash, sand and paint the playground benches. 

The children have worked very hard and have enjoyed learning about the different plants and vegetables and what they must do to look after them and help them grow.


A big thank you goes to Yvonne from Hayloft Plants for the amazing donation of plants and compost. Another thank you to all the children's parents/families and people from the community for their kind donations of seeds and plants.

All donations are greatly appreciated. 


Look at how wonderful our school ground looks now! We are looking forward to watching it grow and flourish. 


Washing the benches

Painting the benches 


William helping to create a wigwam for the runner beans. 

Planting vegetable seeds in rows.

We planted tomato plants, peas, raddish, beetroot, lettuce, broccoli, sweet corn, runner beans and pumpkin seeds!

Enya watering our vegetable patch.


Lewis is planting a tomato plant. We then pushed in a wooden cane for the plant to grow up and support the stem.


We freshened up one of the flower beds by the library with new compost and a mixture of different plants donated from Hayloft plants. They smell lovely and we hope they will attract the bees and butterflies.




After all the planting had been done, we designed the labels for the plants and vegetables. We used wooden spoons to draw a picture and to write the name of the plant.






What a brilliant, fun day!

We have lots of plans and ideas for more planting so watch this space!