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Summer 1 2018



Welcome to Summer term here in class 2! We have had an action packed time already this term with lots of time spent outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. 




Today was the day we went down to the forest for some outdoor learning. The weather was fantastic and we had a lovely day. When we got down there we started with a little bit of exploration time and you'll never guess what we found... A GIANT'S COMB! It seems a giant left his comb in our forest we were all so excited and a little bit shocked. 


"The Giant comb was very big.When we found the comb we were shocked to see it.It was bright brown wood and as tall as Daniel."  Lila 

"When we were down there we went in the woodland to do some science but when were down we found evidence of fairies." Will H


"When we got back to school we emailed the giant using purple mash to ask him to collect his comb. He messaged back and collected his comb from school. " Aimee

"We went in the forest and i found a fairy village and i found a book that had fairy language in it i could not understand it " Year 3


After we found the fairies, we went on to look for habitats of the animals and insects that live in our forest and woodland areas. Our topic in science is habitats and we found loads of creatures down there. 


"I found a caterpillar, some spiders, a butterfly and a big fat worm!" Tyler


"I found some worms and beetles." Alfie


While looking at habitats we also talked about creation and how God created the earth and all the living things on it. 



Yesterday we had glorious weather again for a pilgrimage around our beautiful village. Reverend Richard and Mr Dainty took us on a pilgrimage. We ate our lunch outside and went over to the church to enjoy some song and stories. 




We have been so busy here in class 2 this term! 


During English we have been reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. As part of our lessons we have written a character description on either the BFG, Sophie or the Bloodbottler. 


I wrote about Sophie, I wrote so well and so much that i even got star writer today! Daisy.


I wrote about the Bloodbottler, he was ugly and smelly. Lucy


During Math we have been working really hard on our fractions, we have all done really well as it's not easy. 


 In our PE sessions  the focus for this term is athletics.  First week we did jumping, second week we did throwing, third week we did running. This week we were all working really hard on some agility based games.We work in teams of 3 or 4 across 6 different stations. We have so much fun and work so well as a team.


Science this term is all about growing. In our classroom we have been growing some seeds as part of an experiment to find out what happens to the seeds if we take some vital needs away. One pot we took away the heat (put it in the fridge), one we took away the light (put in a cupboard), one we took away water and one had everything. 


While doing all this work we are also working on our school play which we can't wait to show you all.