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Summer 1 2022

Welcome back to the summer term! We've got off to a great start researching and writing reports on Barn Owls, ready for our work on the story 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. We learned lots about Barn Owls. We had to find the information around the classroom and work together to answer questions. This is became part of our plan for writing a report.



After writing our reports we read the story and wrote descriptions of both Plop and fireworks (which Plop sees for the first time in chapter 1). We created a lovely display of our work. Here are some examples of our wonderful writing. Can you spot onomatopoeia in our description of fireworks? 

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We started by using apparatus to find halves and quarters in year 2 before moving on to finding unit and non-unit fractions. In year 3 we have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions to make a whole as well as counting in tenths.

The weather has been so lovely recently we were able to go and do our reading outside. Reading is very important in Class 2 and we like to have time to enjoy all the books we have in our class book corner. We love talking about the books we have read and sharing the best bits of what we read together!

In RE we are answering the question 'Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?'. We have thought really hard about the Easter story. We have thought about Holy Week and how Jesus' mother Mary must have felt during that week. We've compared Christian symbols of Easter, looking at Anglican and Catholic denominations as well as choosing words that describe how Christians feel at the special time of Easter using the Gospels to help us choose our words. We love sharing our ideas and working together.

Mrs C is really proud of how we are working together and learning how to cooperate and think about the roles we have in our group work. 

Our history and geography topic is Evesham this term and we asked Mrs C if we could have a display in the classroom. We have brought things in to go on the display and will keep adding to it as we learn more. We have looked at maps and looked at the different features of the town of Evesham. We have also learned about the story of Eof the Swineherd and how the Evesham was named after him, about the story of St Egwin and the keys and about Simon DeMontfort and his legacy.