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Summer 2021

Welcome to the Summer Term in Class 2!


We have lots of things planned - so scroll down to see what we've been up to, new things get added to the end all the time.


We all had lovely Easter breaks and came back full of excitement for the new term. The weather has been kind and we have been able to enjoy the sunshine so far!


In English we have started a new book called 'How to be a Viking' by Cressida Cowell.


We started with a lesson on researching Viking Longships. We had to work together to display the research we did. Look at our great team work!



In science we are learning about plants. We started by looking for different plants around school - we found so many different kinds!


We then looked at some fruit and vegetables that could be grown locally. We used 4 of our senses (we didn't taste any this time) to explore the different items. We had lots of fun cutting them up and looking at what was inside as well as the outside. Our classroom smelt lovely at the end of it.

In science we have been looking at plants. We have planted some vegetables and herbs and are looking forward to planting more in the coming weeks. We will also be looking at how plants grow. We are also looking forward to harvesting and hopefully eating our vegetables too.

We've been working hard in maths looking at the 4 calculations. We have started to look at fractions now and will be looking for links between multiplication and division and fractions. Here are some pictures of us investigating parts and wholes of different amounts. We used different apparatus as well as thinking about facts we already knew.


We have been looking at how to work together in a team and to listen to each other in class 2. We have been listening carefully and following instructions as well as thinking how to be good listeners to each other. We have also been working together and making sure everyone in the group is included. Here are some pictures of us working together as a team.


Summer 2


After half term we got straight back into our science topic of plants. We have been setting up investigations to see how a bean grows and also to see what conditions are best for growing cress. We will keep observing these over the half term so pop back to see what happens...


We have been looking at writing instructions in English. We started by trying to follow instructions to make a hat. We had rubbish instructions to start with but we were so resilient and Mrs Contardi was very impressed with how we worked. We then had better instructions with pictures and all successfully made a hat!

We are going to use what we have done in science to write instructions about how to plant a bean in a bag using the features we have learned about.

Look what happened to our science experiments over time!! We learned that plants need light, warmth, nutrients and water to germinate and grow. We looked after our cress seeds every day and this is what happened at the end.


Our bean in a bag investigation is doing well too! This is them after just less than 3 weeks. Some of the beans have broken through the bag they are growing so well. Please excuse Mrs C's awful photography of the beans though!

In class 2 we work brilliantly together. Mrs C and Mrs Walsh are so impressed with how we work as a team. Here are some pictures of us working together. We had to work together to use atlases to find the capital cities of European Countries - we were so resilient too, it was tricky work but none of us gave up or moaned that it was hard! 

And in English we have been looking at the amazing book 'In My Heart, a book of feelings' by Jo Witek. We had to think about what the feelings of happy, brave, mad, calm, broken, sad, hopeful, afraid, silly and shy look and feel like to us. We went and shared our thoughts using words and pictures. We will use these ideas to write our own book of feelings.


The weather was kind to us in the final full week of term so we were able to have our Sports Afternoon. The children chose the activities they wanted to do and they all had a great time. Mrs C and Mrs Walsh were really impressed with everyone's sportsmanship and resilience! Well done Class 2!