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Summer 2022

Welcome back to school after the Easter holidays! We have an exciting half term of learning to enjoy! Our new topic is:

The Victorians. 

We will be learning about the differences between the lives of children over 100 years ago compared with our lives today. We will also look at the history of our wonderful school that was built in the Victorian times. 

Please follow the link below to our topic planner:

Today (3.5.22) we had a look at some Victorian artefacts. We tried to work out what each of the objects was and what it might have been used for! We had some great suggestions for example, the carpet beater was a paddle, a tennis racket and a giant spoon! 

The children were shocked to hear that there was no electricity in the Victorian times and they thought about how hard day to day tasks would be without it!

We have learnt so much about the Victorians so far! We have been looking at how hard life was for poor Victorian children. We have been looking at images of Victorian schools and we even had our own Victorian school lesson. Our teacher was very strict! She made sure that our hands were clean and asked us to repeat a lot of what she said. Our classroom was in rows and we wrote on little slate boards. We all decided that we preferred our normal school lessons!

If families could not afford school, children might have to stay at home to help with running the household. We had a go at some jobs that they may have to do such as: beating the rugs, looking after the babies, sweeping the floors, washing the clothes....