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Summer Term

It's our last half term of this school year! Where did that year go? Our new topic is 'The Queen and the UK'. Please follow the link to our curriculum map. 

One of the stories that we have shared in this topic is 'The Queen's hat'. We tried to recall all of the landmarks in London that the hat flew to in order by chasing our very own hat around 'London' (our outside area!). 

Our role play in class this week (21.6.21) is the Queen's tea party! The children have enjoyed making costumes for themselves using fabric and pegs, making themselves royal sashes and serving tea to their friends!

We love PE on Wednesday mornings with Mr Alexander! We have been practising our jumping in the sunshine!

Welcome back to school for the summer term! What a lovely sunny start to the term. Our new topic in 'Amazing Africa!'. Please follow the link below to our topic plan: 

We have been learning about what the landscape and climate is like in Africa. We have looked at Google Images to see the deserts, savannah, rainforests and large cities. We have looked at how some African villages are very different to our village. We built our own African hut outside to role play what life might be like. 

In our English work we have been looking at 'Tinga Tinga Tales', these are fun, animal stories set in Africa. We learnt about how the lion found his roar and why the tortoise has a knobbly shell. The children wrote ideas about emotions on pieces of the tortoise's shell and wrote questions that they would ask the lion on his colourful mane. 

We have enjoyed playing lots of games with our friends in the sunshine! We have been learning how to play 'Duck Duck Goose' and 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'. 

We couldn't learn about Africa without listening to the story of 'Handa's Surprise'. The children looked at, handled and smelt all of the different seven fruits in the story. We used adjectives to decribe the fruits. We wrote our own version of the story set in our village with pesky squirrels and rabbits stealing our food!

We have learnt so much about Africa! To finish off our topic we have produced some lovely artwork to show the African savannah at dusk (we have also been learning the special words for different times of the day). We used chalk pastels to make a sunset. We were careful to blend the colours to make a beautiful sky. We added the silhouettes of people walking across the savannah in the style of the paintings that we had been looking at.