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Year 1

Knowledge and skills covered over a 2 year rolling programme

Knowledge overview


The seaside

Seaside holidays in the past and the different items used e.g bathing costumes, bathing machines, dresses etc.

Teddy bears and toys

Toys and teddies through history (Teddy Roosevelt)

The cold

Captain Scott (link to local crew member)

Real life superheroes

significant people from the past

People who help etc in our local area

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

Our Victorian School

Beyond living memory 

Victorian Times

School, church and Preedy

Our village

Houses in our village through time

comparing houses through time e.g Tudor times

All about me!

Family Trees / changes in living memory

Autumn and Festivals

bonfire night 

Guy Fawkes 


Famous pirates

All creatures great and small

Significant individuals 

The Queen and the royal family

History of monarchy


Nelson Mandela

other significant African people

Chronological Understanding: Sequence events in their life, sequence 3-4 artefacts from distinctively different periods of time, match objects to people of different ages.

Historical Knowledge: Recognise difference between past and present in their own and other’s lives, they know and recount episodes from stories about the past

Interpretations of history: Use stories to encourage children to distinguish between fact and fiction, compare adults talking about the past-how reliable are their memories?

Historical Enquiry: Find answers to simple questions about the past from sources of information e.g artefacts

Organisation: communicate through discussion, drawing, drama, model making, writing and ICT.