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Year 1

Knowledge Overview


Van Gogh

Collage and Textiles

Explore artist and paintings

Create a collage in the style of van Gogh



Research artist/ read stories



Research artist and explore different brushes/ techniques

Georgia O Keefe

Painting and Printing


Collect leaves of different colours and shapes. Make rubbings and prints using the leaves.

Look at her paintings and describe the shapes and colours. Create an autumn leaf painting in the same style.

Paul Klee Collage and Textiles

Research artist and read stories

Use a variety of techniques e.g weaving, fabric crayons, sewing and binca.

Use a variety of media incl photocopied paper, tissue, crepe, ribbon, plastic etc.

3D Form


Create a patterned tile with clay using prior knowledge of artist Paul Klee. Look at shapes triangles, squares etc cut out with clay knives and attach to the clay tile (embossed) Dry and paint

Exploring and Developing ideas

Record and explore ideas from first hand observation, experience and imagination, Ask and answer questions about the starting points for their work, and develop their ideas.

Explore the differences and similarities within the work of artists, craftspeople and designers in different times and cultures.

Evaluating and Developing work

Review what they and others have done and say what they think and feel about it. E.g. Annotate sketchbook, Identify what they might change in their current work or develop in their future work.


Use a variety of tools, inc. pencils, rubbers, crayons, pastels, felt tips, charcoal, ballpoints, chalk and other dry media, Use a sketchbook to gather and collect artwork, Begin to explore the use of line, shape and colour


Use a variety of tools and techniques including the use of different brush sizes and types.

Mix and match colours to artefacts and objects, Work on different scales,  Mix secondary colours and shades, using different types of paint, Create different textures e.g. use of sawdust.


Make marks in print with a variety of objects, including natural and made objects. Carry out different printing techniques e.g. monoprint, block, relief and resist printing, Make rubbings, Build a repeating pattern and recognise pattern in the environment.

Use a variety of techniques, e.g. weaving, finger knitting, fabric crayons, sewing and binca.

Textiles/ Collage

How to thread a needle, cut, glue and trim material, Create images from imagination, experience or observation, Use a wide variety of media, inc. photocopied material, fabric, plastic, tissue, magazines, crepe paper, etc.

3D Form

Manipulate clay in a variety of ways, e.g. rolling, kneading and shaping, Explore sculpture with a range of malleable media, especially clay, Experiment with, construct and join recycled, natural and man-made materials, Explore shape and form.

Breadth of Study

Work on their own, and collaboratively with others, on projects in 2 and 3 dimensions and on different scales, Use ICT, Investigate different kinds of art, craft and design.