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Year 1

Knowledge and skills covered over a 2 year rolling programme. 

Knowledge overview 


Teddy bears and toys and

where bears live in the world

The cold

North and South Pole 

Captain Scott (link to local crew member)

The seaside and areas of coast

Real life superheroes: people who help etc in our local area

Our Victorian School/Our village

Maps of the area and different land use

Autumn and Festivals (seasons)

UK and countries


oceans, continents



African village/ our village

Geographical Enquiry: Teacher led enquiries, ask and respond to simple closed questions, use information books/ pictures as sources of information, investigate their surroundings, make observations about where things are e.g within school or local area

Direction/ location: Follow directions ( Up/ down/ left/ right/ forwards/ backwards)

Drawing maps: Draw picture maps of imaginary places and from stories

Representation: Use symbols on imaginary map

Using maps: Use a simple picture map to move around the school, recognise that it is about the place.

Scale/ Distance: Use relative vocabulary (e.g bigger/ smaller, like/ dislike)

Perspective: Draw around objects to make a plan

Map Knowledge: Learn names of some places within/ around the UK e.g home town, cities, countries, e.g Wales, France

Style of Map: Picture maps and globes