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Quality of Education

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Exceptional teaching and learning to include:

1) High level questionning and experiences embedded in all lessons, experiences and collective worship. 

2) Embed Floppy's Phonics and ensure planning and assessment rigorous

3) Use Pixl resource for assessment, planning, interventions and CPD staff

4) Foundation subjects planned and delivered to a high standard with key vocabulary displayed in classrooms linked to are of study. Key words used by pupils in oracy activities 

5) Oracy to be a major focus to ensure every child is heard and equip them with the best skills in speaking and listening so that they are empowered to better understand themselves and others 

6) Raise profile of science and technology


Personal Development

Behaviour, Attitudes, Welfare

1) Courageous Advocacy. Years 4/ 5 to embark on Young Leaders award by Archbishop of York

2)Understanding the community and aspirations for careers

3)Extra curricular club experiences lunchtime and after school 

4) Develop mental health strategies for teachers to support pupils with Senior Mental Health Lead 

5) Apply for anti bullying STOP mark for school 


Leadership and Management

 1) Use Pixl to improve and support staff CPD for teaching and learning 

2) outsource private SIA as well as WCF SIA to guide SLT to improve outcomes 

3) Training for staff on ASD/ ADHD to manage behaviour and anxiety 

Results will continually show improvements from last year or in line with national 

4) Establish new links with a first school in Redditch so pupils can learn about different cultures, faiths and communities

5) Develop role of the individual subject leader