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Spring 2024

Spring 2 2024

Welcome back to school after the February half term. We are very excited about our new topic 'Real life superheroes'!

Please follow the link below to our topic map. We're hoping to have some real superheroes come to visit us at school this half term!

Spring 1 2024

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school for the spring term. We are very much looking forward to our learning this half term all about 'The Cold'.


Please follow the link to our topic map for this half term:

We will be going to forest school every Monday through this half term to learn more about cold weather, winter time in the UK, explorers and much more!


Our first forest school session was all about snow. We read some beautiful books to teach us about snow clouds. We had several activities for the children to enjoy:

-Looking at and naming clouds

-Making our own 'snow' crystals with warm water and salt

-Drawing snowflakes with six arms

We have learnt so much about the Polar Regions. We have written our own books about the Arctic and the Antarctic. We have learnt about the people and animals that live in the Arctic and the explorers who tried to reach the South Pole first. 

We have learnt about the Polar explorers Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen and their race to be the first people ever to get to the South Pole. It was a long, difficult and dangerous journey.

At Forest School, we split into team Scott and team Amundsen to see which team could get to the South Pole first. Each team had to follow a map and complete the tasks before they could head to the South Pole to plant their flag. Each team had to:

-Make a base camp

-Pack their sledges

-Find food then break it out of the ice

-Make a team flag

-Draw a picture of their captain

-Complete a penguin puzzle.


We have enjoyed playing with ice in the classroom!