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Autumn 2023

Click on the link below to find out what we will be learning this half term.

We've been learning all about Dinosaurs in Class 2 this half term! It's an amazing subject and everyone has loved finding out about different dinosaurs and what the Earth was like millions of years ago.


We have a 'Dinosaur of the Day' where Mrs C introduces us to a new dinosaur and we've also welcomed some class pets - Aqua Dragons who lived at the time of the dinosaurs! They are so tiny at the moment we can barely see them but they will grow to be up to 1cm long!

We worked brilliantly in groups to find out about the different dinosaurs that are in the Julia Donaldson Book Tyrannosaurs Drip, which we are using in our English lessons. We found out about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Parasaurolophus (a duck-billed dinosaur) and the Compsognathus. We used books and information from our Guided Reading lessons to help us present our findings.

We've written some amazing descriptions of the characters in Tyrannosaurus Drip, thought about how pathetic fallacy is used (that's when the weather shows something is going to happen) and described a storm. We've also looked at how our reflections are different in a mirror to when we look in water so we could describe the 'water monster' the T Rexes see in the story!


We are going to be writing what happens to the T Rexes when the story finishes next using all that we've learned in English so far!

In DT we designed and created pneumatic dinosaurs. We used a balloon to move the dinosaur's mouth and had lots and lots of fun making them!

We've been getting letters from 'Peter the Paleontologist' each week as he needs our help finding out about dinosaurs. So far we've helped him sort facts and myths about dinosaurs and understand why the same dinosaurs have been found in different parts of the world (we found out it was because the Earth used to be made up of a supercontinent called Pangea!).


We've also become detectives to help find out where different dinosaurs have been found in the world. We had to find clues and work out where in the world the dinosaurs had lived.

Could you work out where the different dinosaurs came from? (Hint: Peter the Paleontologist is living in South America!)


In collective worship we were thinking about how we can help our world and some of the children suggested we went on a litter pick around the village. So we did! We went off and collected loads of litter around the school and down towards the park. We had lots of fun and helped our community and the environment. Here are a some photos.

We have been monitoring how the weather changes over time. We are looking for patterns in the weather. We started in November and continued in December. What do you notice about our findings?