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How PE is taught at Church Lench First School

How PE is taught at Church Lench First School


Whole-school approach

At Church Lench CE First School, all of our PE and Sport is based around the National Curriculum, EYFS Early Learning Goals and the 'cogs' used as part of the REAL PE scheme.



Our long-term plan ensures that each of these cogs are covered thoroughly over a two-year cycle and through a range of activities and sports. The overall objective of using these cogs as a basis for learning is to give children a well-balanced understanding of all the elements that go into being a good sports-person but also to prepare them and give them essential skills for life in the wider world.


Class One.

In Class One, children receive PE lessons twice a week through use of both an external sports coach and lessons led by the class teacher and teaching assistants. These lessons incorporate Real PE, gym, dance, games, athletics and Forest School.

For children in Reception, learning is assessed against the Early Learning Goals and in Year One, children are assessed against the National Curriculum. In all topics, children are also assessed against their progress in the given cog from the Real PE scheme, giving an indication of their ability to work as part of a team, listen well, be creative and improve their own technique, as well as other key skills.


Class Two and Class Three.

In Classes Two and Three, PE is taught twice a week. One lesson is taught by an external sports coach and teaching assistants and the other is taught by the class teacher. PE lessons in these two classes incorporate REAL PE, gym, dance, games, athletics, swimming and Forest School.

In Class 2 and Class 3, assessment is against the National Curriculum as well as against their progress in the given cog for each topic.


Extra-curricular opportunities

Throughout the school year, children are given the opportunity to participate in a range of different after school clubs. These have recently included dodge ball, skipping, Zumba, football, multi-skills, tennis and much more. We also encourage children to participate in clubs in the local community, helping to promote these by forging links and sharing opportunities and communications.


Inter- and Intra-School sport

We actively encourage children at Church Lench to participate in a range of different competitive sports, both in school and against  other local schools. We regularly hold our own tournaments and also attend county events, such as dance festivals, orienteering, bell-boating, cross-country and football matches, to enable children to improve on important skills such as team work, resilience, perseverance and independence.