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How Geography is taught at Church Lench CE First School


At Church Lench C E First School geography has been carefully planned to ensure that children learn specific skills and knowledge about the environment and the world in which they live. The geography curriculum links closely with our history curriculum, as well as linking with science and maths enabling our children to make connections. By the time our pupils leave Church Lench they will have acquired a good knowledge of places, people and resources together with a deep understanding of the Earth's key physical and human processes. 


Class 1

In class 1 geography is taught very closely within the half termly topic. There are 6 topics covered within a year on a 2 yearly cycle. Skills are covered from the Year 1 curriculum and ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘People, Culture and Communities’ from EYFS. They have access to globes and maps so they begin to see the world in different ways. The children look at both human and physical geography and begin to understand the differences between these.


Class 2 and 3

In both Class 2 and 3 geography is taught weekly during a geography topic. We make links between our geography curriculum and the texts we study in English where appropriate to help strengthen the children's knowledge. The children have access to globes, maps and google earth so they can view the world in different ways. The children can make links between how people, places and events have shaped the world through human and physical geography.