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Autumn 1 2022

Welcome to Class 2. 


You can find the curriculum outline for this half term by clicking on the link below.



We've had a great start back to a new term in Class 2. We started the term off by learning about seasonal food in Design and Technology. We looked at which countries our foods come from and used an atlas to find where in the world these countries were. 

We then made fruit kebabs using some fruit that came from all around the world. We had to use knives to carefully make the kebabs. We really enjoyed making them but the best part was when we got to eat them afterwards!

Oh there isn't a picture of everyone with their kebabs because some were eaten before we could get round with the camera!!

After we made the fruit kebabs we looked at how we can be more sustainable and we looked at using local produce. We went blackberry picking in the school grounds to get ready to make a blackberry and apple crumble!

Then we got to make the apple and blackberry crumble. We peeled and chopped the apples, weighed out the ingredients for the crumble and worked together to make a breadcrumb consistency. Everyone had a crumble to take home, cook and enjoy!


It was such a fun day.

Our question in RE this half term is 'Who do Christians say created the Earth?' We started by going outside and looking at what is around us. We went on to the playing field and tried to find as many colours as we could. We were amazed to find so many different colours - especially how many different greens there were! We then thought about the kind of creator that would make such wonderful things all around us. What words would you use to describe a creator?

We wrote some wonderful autumn acrostic poems at the end of half term. We went out and looked at all things autumn and thought about how we could represent these in a poem. We then wrote them up for display. We are rightly very proud of our work!

We've changed the way we do homework this year and Mrs C set us a challenge - to create a way of learning number bonds to 10. We had 3 weeks and we then brought them in and shared them with the rest of the class. There were some truly amazing ideas such as songs, games, posters and pictures. Here are some of them.

At the end of the half term we had our Harvest Festival in church. The whole school had taken part in 'Experience Harvest' organised by the school and the local community where members of the village and parents came in and helped the children learn all about the different harvests. Harvest of the grain, harvest of the flock, harvest of the earth, harvest of the ocean and harvest of the garden. Class 2 wrote poems for the service and said them in front of a parents and carers at the service - we even go to use the microphone! Here is what we wrote.


Class 2 have been thinking about the line of scripture ‘freely you receive, freely give’ from Matthew. This tied in perfectly with harvest and we’d like to thank you for all you’ve given and we invite you to think about this line as we say our prayers.


Dear God,

Thank you for giving us patience and love to grow seeds into fruit and food.

Thank you for the world and please help us make the world a better place.

Sorry for sometimes forgetting to give as well as receive.

Thank you for making the world a better place.



Dear God

Thank you for the bread to eat.

Sorry for wasting and throwing away food that you have so generously given to us.

Thank you for the farmers who work so hard on the land and who look after our food.

Please help us to be kind to everyone and remember what others give us.



Dear God

Thank you for the warm sun, water and the brave fisherman.

Sorry that humans pollute the oceans with plastics.

Please keep the oceans filled with fish, sharks, crabs, jellyfish, shrimp and octopus.

Please keep the oceans peaceful and calm for the fisherman and help us look after our oceans.



Dear God

Thank you for also giving us the earth so we can harvest clay and make things to help us and bring us joy.

Sorry for not always taking care of our planet and not having compassion and humility.

Help us remember that you gave us this world to look after and help us to take care of it.

Please help us have joy, kindness, compassion and respect others.

Please help us remember the joy in giving and remember there is more happiness in giving than receiving.



Dear God

Thank you for the animals such as sheep that give us so much.

Thank you for their wool, meat, milk and cheese.

Please help us not take these things for granted.

and help us be grateful for all we have.

Thank you for helping us remember these things.



Dear God

Thank you for all the wonderful things you have given us freely.

Please help us remember and be grateful for everything you do for us.

Sorry that we sometimes forget to give back, but help us to remember to think of others.