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Spring 2023

Welcome back to school for the second half of the spring term. This half term our topic is all about amazing animals!

Please follow the link to our half term plan:

We have been reading the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. We noticed that the story ended 'happily ever after!' and wondered what would happen if we changed that to 'badly ever after!'. Here are some of the children's ideas that they wrote beautifully:


Albert (Y1): The wolf got a match and he scratched the match and made fire and the wolf put the fire around the pigs' houses. Then he got a grabber and he got the pigs and he ate them!


Emily (YR): The wolf got into the house. He got the pigs!


Amelie (Y1): The wolf got an axe to throw it through the window! Then he ate the pigs in a pizza!


I (Y1): The wolf got a jack hammer and it was a big one! Then he ate the pigs in a pig cake!


Carolann (Y1): The wolf got a bulldozer and smashed the brick house down!


Lottie (YR): The wolf used a hammer to get in. He made pig soup!


Nathan (Y1): He got a robot fox to help to get the pigs. 

World Book Day 2.3.23

The children looked fabulous in their book character costumes! 

On Tuesday 14th March we had a visit from John the Potter! He showed us how to work with clay. He made a vase on his pottery wheel. It was very impressive!

John then showed us how to make a leaf using clay for a whole school project. We flatten the clay, cut out a template and then decorated our leaf. We made minibeasts and other British creatures to go on our leaves. We then painted our leaves. They looked AMAZING!

Happy St. Patrick's day! The children really enjoyed making crafts to help Mrs Pearce to celebrate!

We were very lucky to have a special visitor at school! We were learning about farm animals and their life cycles so Mrs Masters very kindly brought a lamb into school for us to meet! 

Please come back soon to see what we have been learning!

Spring 1 2023

Welcome back to school after the Christmas holidays! Happy new year! Our new topic for this half term is' Pirates!'. 

Please follow the link to the topic plan and half term letter: 

We have been looking at lots of different maps to learn more about where we are in the world. We have found the UK on maps and Google Earth. We have been learning the names of the countries that make up the UK and have used a skipping song to help us!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have been learning about what sailors do all day on boats and why they travelled the world with the dangers of sinking or being attacked by pirates. The children set sail in the outside area and cleaned the ship, cooked food, climbed the rigging to fix sails, went on look out duty and many other tasks as their boat sailed to trade with other lands. 

We learnt about how pirates would attack other ships using five different steps. We acted this out with our friends and stole the treasure!

We have been using Beebots to travel around treasure maps. We learnt how to give the Beebots instructions to move in the direction that we wanted to be able to find the missing treasure. 

We had a whole school science day on 6th February. Alan from 'Mad Science' came to show us some amazing experiments!

We then had a workshop with Alan. We mixed different ingredients together in special flasks to make a controlled explosion!

In class we did some experiments linked to Nursery Rhymes. We first looked at 'Row your boat'. We then made our own boats. We predicted and then counted how much treasure we could put in our boats before it would sink. 

We then thought of the rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'. We decorated our very own Humpty and then wrapped it in different materials to see if it would survive a fall from the wall!

We've had a great time on our pirate day! We have been very busy with lots of fun activities. We firstly went on a treasure hunt.

We made some pirate biscuits by carefully measuring out our ingredients. We also made telescopes of a certain length and measured out some pirate grog!

We ended our day with some parachute games.