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Children's Quotes

May 2023


'I like phonics because you get to learn new sounds' Millie Yr R 


I like the playground because it is huge!' Emily Yr R 


'I like the learning' Amira Yr 1 


'I love listening to stories and playing in the playground'  Emma Yr 1


'I like guided reading' Charlie Yr 1 


'I look forward to school every day. I love every single lesson and can't choose the best'!  Lily Beth Yr 5 


'I love everything about school. I look forward to it every morning and my favourite lesson is art' Harry Yr 4  


'I love everything but the worst is going home or not working'!  Jacob Yr 4


'I love all of my friends' Lucy Yr 2


I love school because of the massive playground and the kind teachers' Ollie Yr 5


'I really like playing on the climbing frame and chatting with my friends'! 

Bertie Yr 2


'The school is really beautiful' Missy Yr R 


'They give us the best opportunities'

Alice Year 3


'I feel safe and feel like everyone is family'

Noah Year 4


'I love school because I get to see my friends and have fun'

Aurelia Yr 5


'I love everything about school. It is a wonderland everything is just perfect'! Noah Yr 4 


'I Love learning about fractions' 

Harry Yr 3



'I love geography and science'!

Sofia Yr 3


'I love swimming lessons because you get to go on the coach'! 

Florence Yr 2



'I like PE, art and playing with my friends' 

Natalie Yr 2 


'I love my teachers and everything about school'

Cameron Yr 3


 us going! 

Positive Quotes to keep us going!


'Stay strong'

'Believe in yourself'

'Don't think of bad thoughts think of the happy ones'


 Yr 5


'Be happy even when it's cloudy'

'Never doubt yourself'

'There's one thing people can't take from you and that is love'


 Year 4


'Always be supportive'

'Be courageous even if you think you can't do it'.

'Always have fun even if sad things come your way'.

'Stand tall and be fabulous'

'Love is a 4 legged friend'


 Year 4



'Be joyful'

'Don't be down on yourself'

'Be you' 

'Reach for the Stars'


 Year 5


'Have happy thoughts in your heart'

'You're amazing'

'Drink more water to give yourself a glow'

'Take time out for tea and cake' 


 Year 5 


'You're great'

'Believe in yourself' 

Never give up'

Always be happy'


 Year 4