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How PSHE is taught at Church Lench C E First School

At Church Lench CE First School we teach PSHE through the PSHE Association Program of Study. This is a government recognised curriculum and was produced in consultation with a wide variety of agencies and practitioners to meet the needs of today’s pupils and is regularly updated to meet these changing needs.


The programme of study includes three core themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World


At Church Lench CE First School we have designed our PSHE Curriculum using these three themes. We ensure that our curriculum takes into account our children’s needs and make it both relevant to our children as well as introducing them to key ideas and themes to ensure that they have a well-rounded education. We ask questions that encourage deep thinking and require the children to think in different ways about situations and events that they may come across e.g. bullying.


We have decided to structure our PSHE curriculum around an overarching question for each half term. These begin in key stage 1 as ‘what?’ and ‘who?’ questions and build throughout key stage 2 into ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ questions. The three core themes are fully covered although in some half terms a question will draw on more than one core theme.


PSHE is taught discreetly in weekly sessions as well as when specific issues arise within the classroom. Much of the work done in PSHE sessions is verbal discussions and role playing situations but the children also get to, amongst other things, write or design posters, create artwork and present their work to each other. The work produced by the class is displayed in a large class book which is accessible to everyone in the class.


We assess whether the children are working towards age related expectations or whether they working at age related expectations. We take these expectation from the PSHE Association Program of Study which is arranged by year group. As Church Lench CE First School has mixed aged classes we work on a spiral curriculum meaning that over a two year cycle they cover all the relevant skills and topics that are necessary to give a secure assessment and means that they have a broad and balanced range of experiences.


Click on the link below to see our PSHE curriculum overview showing the questions to be asked each half term.