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Summer 2024

Welcome back to school after the Easter holidays! We are looking forward to a fun half term.

Class 3 will be learning all about South America for their main topic. 

Class 3 enjoyed a forest school session in the school grounds last week (10.4.24) and down at the Orchard today (17.4.24) to explore more about their topic.

The children enjoyed creating and painting masks as well as making clay models.

The Maya wore decorative masks for important events in battles and after burial. The children made some amazing examples of Mayan masks. 

In the Community Orchard, the children cooked on an open fire! They had a wonderful time and enjoyed sampling their cooking!

In their art lessons, Class 3 have been learning all about the artist Frida Kahlo. Using H and B pencils their learnt how to shade, blend and cross-hatch to draw their own self portrait. Can you work out which artist drew which portrait?