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Autumn 2023

Welcome back to school after the half term break. We have a very busy and exciting half term of learning to lead us up to Christmas. Our new topic for this half term is: Teddy bears and toys.


Please follow the link below to the half term curriculum plan: 

The children have really enjoyed learning all about bears! We have looked at where in the world they live and what they eat. The children have learnt about the eight different species of bears and what features they share. 


We then moved onto learning about why we have teddy bears by learning about the story of Teddy Roosevelt. He went on a hunting trip and refused to shoot an injured bear. A newspaper at the time published a cartoon of Teddy and his bear. We acted out the story!

In our history work, we have been looking at old teddy bears and we have been learning about how they are different to new bears. We looked for glass eyes, hard stuffing, moveable limbs, long noses and large ears. 

This week in our English lessons we are learning all about Paddington bear. We are watching the old clips from the TV shows in the 1980/90s and are basing our writing and role play around the stories of what Paddington gets up to in London. 

We even worked together to paint Paddington!

To continue our 'bear stories', we enjoyed reading two different versions of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We used the small world play equipment to retell the story. 

For our DT project this half term, we have designed and made our very own teddy bear hand puppet! We are very happy with the results!

Please check back to see what we will be learning about real life bears, teddy bears and toys around the world and through history. 

Last half term: 

Welcome back to school for those pupils in Year 1 and welcome to the new pupils that are joining us this year in Reception! 


We have a fun and busy first half term planned! Our first topic of the school year is: The seaside.

Please follow the links below to our half term letter and curriculum plan:

We have had a great time meeting our new friends in Class 1!

We have been thinking about holidays that we have had at the seaside. We thought about what we would find at the seaside and what people like to do there. The children were challenged to use a box of resources to make their own seaside. 

We had a great first PE lesson with our sports coach Dan! We played lots of great games with our friends. 

In our history lessons we have been thinking about visiting the seaside one hundred years ago. We thought about why people would visit and what they would do to have fun. We learnt about bathing machines and tried on some Victorian swimming costumes! We built our own bathing machine in class and went 'swimming'!

We learnt that people one hundred years ago loved to watch puppet shows. We saw some Punch and Judy puppets and then made our own puppet show. 

We have been working really hard with our reading at home and have managed to win the Oswald reward a few times this half term! For our reward this time, we chose to spend an afternoon playing board games together with our friends.

In our science lessons we have been learning about different types of sea creatures. We have looked at sea mammals and the body parts of fish so far. We had a go at making our own fish with loose parts making sure to include gills, fins and scales.

Please check back to see what we are learning!