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Summer 2024

Click on the link below to see the curriculum outline for summer 1.

As always Mrs C keeps forgetting to take photographs of us working! But we have been working hard. 


We've been looking at using dictionaries to find the meaning of words and thesauruses to find synonyms and antonyms and we are enjoying finding new words and learning what they mean. We are using them in our writing too.


In English we have been writing setting and character descriptions. We have been using similes and metaphors to make them really interesting. We will be writing diary entries too.


We love reading in Class 2 and as well as having guided reading lessons we also love having independent reading time. We get to choose books we love and spend time enjoying them together.

In science we were exploring our gravity and carried out investigations into the effects of gravity. We had 4 challenges to carry out

Challenge 1

One of us sat on a chair and a friend put a finger on our forehead. We then tried to stand up.

Challenge 2

We stood with our backs against a wall and tried to pick up a pen that was in front of us. We kept falling over!

Challenge 3

We stood against a wall with our head, shoulders and one foot touching the wall. We then tried to lift up our other foot. 

Challenge 4

We bent down and held our toes. We then tried to jump forward. It was impossible without letting go of our toes!


We realised that it was impossible to do these challenges due to our centre of gravity. We had lots of fun trying though!


We did some wonderful Picasso art with Miss Molloy. We learned about his 'Blue Period' and created our own pieces in this style. Here are a few pictures of them.