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How Art is taught at Church Lench CE First School

How Art is taught at Church Lench CE First School


Art in all classes is usually taught on a weekly basis. However some classes might choose to immerse the children in the work of an artist and cover them over days rather than weeks. We have designed our art curriculum to ensure that our children learn about creative imagination and learn to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power and conceptual ideas. Art is a very personal subject which will evoke different feelings and emotions in everyone. We want to immerse our children in a range of techniques and media to equip them with the skills and understanding of using line, colour, shape, and texture in an engaging and inspiring way. We have created an exciting art curriculum which aims for children to build on their previous knowledge so that over time they can talk about different art forms, how art makes them feel and the artists they are inspired by.  In class 1 the children are taught the art skills through our holistic curriculum and EYFS play provision. In classes 2 and 3 children are taught knowledge and skills by a specialist art teacher on a weekly basis. 


We encourage our children to have resilience, high hopes, perseverance, responsibility and compassion. Children are encouraged to help and support their peers at all times and this is an area in which it is evident!  Alongside the art curriculum there are occasions throughout the year when our art teacher delivers guided drawing lessons where children can learn basic techniques of forming lines and shape to produce an effective, simple drawing of something simple e.g an animal or flower. This enables children to feel instant success and transfer these basic skills to other areas of their art work.  


Children are asked to evaluate their creations independently and with peer support. This enables children to learn by mistakes and practise how skills and techniques can be refined.