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Courageous Advocacy

Learning about courage this half term the children have wanted to find ways to help others in need and to fight for what is right in the world. Many ideas have come from the children and we will look at ways in which we can turn these into campaigns to support others. Ideas that have been suggested are listed below:


Collecting for Afghan child refugees 

Organising an eco day to raise awareness of making our world a cleaner place

raising money for the homeless or collecting items again to support people during the winter months

Raising awareness of animal rights and the NSPCA

Campaigning for children's rights and putting a stop to abuse and cruelty

Supporting the local food bank in Evesham for struggling families.

Writing to our MP regarding racism in sporting events and how this can be stopped. 

Writing in support of stopping racism and how Black Lives Matter

Supporting those caught up in war and terror


During the summer of 2021 the children collected items for Maggs Day Centre in Worcester. They brought in many items including sun lotion, hats, water bottles, fans, wipes and sanitiser to help people during the summer months on the streets. 


In October 2021 we have collected items for the local food bank Caring Hands, so that struggling families can be supported especially during these challenging times. 


As a school we have asked families to donate food and toiletries for Caring Hands Food Bank in Evesham. Families who struggle and less fortunate than us can access the food bank when they do not have enough food. This is important as we want to help others. it is like Jesus when he helped feed 5000 people with 2 loaves and 5 fishes. We also feel that we are like The Good Samaritan, who helped someone who was hurt and left on a road. This makes us feel happy, kind and generous and know we are helping people and not walking away from people who need help. 


Aden and Evie  

As our school Christian value is Service this half term, we thought about how we could support members of our community. We wanted to show our appreciation of the NHS and so we made lots of positive comments attached to pom poms also known as 'Bobs' in NHS colours. We arranged these in a hamper with lots of nice biscuits and chocolates. We have given the hamper to a local GP surgery in Evesham to say thank you for everything they do! 

Our Letter of thanks from Abbey Medical Centre in Evesham